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Black pastel love

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I have a trumpet in my black pastel heart

a symphony in my chest

a melody of the colors of the rainbow flows

in my veins as creates a bridge to his soul

I fell in love with an aquarius under the

midnight sun

upon the mountain high

you gave me a summer kiss

your shimmering verses from your trembled

lips in the line with the shades of color of

heaven as an amethyst makes

waves of euphoria flowing over all

the pores of my body.

Your eyes danced solasta bright when

I took my feathers out from my long hair

to play it on your skin.

Your laughter tickled my heart strings and

you whispered to my Angels wings

«we are condemned to act in portrays of the

crystalline from ours cards of future»

My destiny from Cupid`s arrow is

written into my history of black pastel love.


Love letters to the death

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Your spirit is a last fragrance from

your touch on my cheek

darkness is crying out

you gasping for air

see into the depth of my soul

feel into the depth of my heart

sink into the depth of my eyes

unfulfilled dreams can’t be my

ashes from my rose petals

after my death

shades from a panther in the shadows

painting the weakest chain in a cloud

starless night and a path in the forest

black pearls dripping down from heaven

the perfect touch from Angels above

with love and prayers

my fragile heart can’t bear this

life on earth anymore..therefore

I write love letters to the dead…


Behind a mask

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– Behind a mask-

Behind a mask, someone is hiding

my door was opened to my safe place

now it became my prison

I cried – no one saw my tears

I screamed in disgust – no one has ever

heard them

a little girl’s fragility gets crushed by the crime

caught in the curse of the mask

no escape

trapped in a body that slowly have died

she buried herself in pain

so as not to feel what she saw

a empty shell with a color of black

behind a mask an unwritten diary

beneath rolling waves

a sea of guilt

bound with chains and trapped in mystery

every minute passed and I felt the hell that

even darkness feared .


Christmas’s dark wish…

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Your body is like winter wonderland

unique as a snow crystal.

I have a desire to lick all your drops

of candy.

Swallow your nectar to taste you within.

You are my Mr. Christmas,

I’m your grief,

going togheter like fire and ice.

A want to exhale Christmas spirit, but all my

heartstrings plays is a melody of sadness,

I curl up and hide.

Outside the snow silently settled.

You understand the world inside me.

You told me sacred secrets to close a chapter in

my soul.

My noisy mind began to smile.

All the little things created to shapes in colours

lit a fire deep down.

You touched me like Angels wings,

faded away all my fear.

You grab my hair.

Your sensual hands holding my hips,

you pushed me up against the wall.

A Christmas hot mystery of explosive fireworks

that’s wandered right into between my legs.

You are my savior soul I longing for.

I tease your luscious lips

and seduce those to mine,

take you with my tounge

to a distance that make you forget to breath.

We are dancing in the flames.

I’m breathing harder and faster.

We loose controll.

We thouch the sky.

Shooting stars falling behind my rolling eyes.

You inhale that alluring cent of my lotus,

you bring all my petals out.

Sweatbathed skin skim across of lust and every

forward thrust straddling the fine line between

pain and passion.

The moment our heart’s pulses

and two souls screams in mercy…

You are hard as ice.

As a waterfall I flow down your magic part

of lovemaking.

You are slaying my wrong side of my

heart and completes us on a seldom level.

I collapse when you squeeze my mountains

and you make me some milk

sweet and thick…

I moan for both of us when

each little dark wish of mine

comes true the night before Christmas…


-That girl-

That girl show her burned and

massacred wounds

she yearn for souls with depths

deeper than world ocean`s 

blue and dark souls who have

seen the furies in perdition 

that girl rip off chains of this

mental cage however beaten

always a soul of the miserable

intertwined with the lost ones

a desire to fight 


soul singing

spirit rising

phoenix within catches her legacy

finally find home

solicitations to be your gravyard

please, bury her skeleton with conscience

after your demons have eaten her soul out

and you raise that girl spirit

to yours dark heart

of a dead soul in a permanent pain.


I will always remember you like this.

(English text after Norwegian text)

Du og jeg i solnedgang som brenner i mine øyne og hud. Vi ser på hverandre og jeg føler meg som et bål. Jeg er i full fyr og jeg gløder. Jeg ser i dine øyne at du er betatt, at du elsker meg og er begravet i min sjel. Akkurat  -her og nå-. Du klarer alltid å finne det gode i meg. Det er så mye jeg skulle ha sagt.

Jeg vil alltid huske deg I will always remember you du og jeg you and me lovers kjærester Norwegian blogger lovers in Norway Orkidedatter

Solen er på vei ned, jeg er på vei opp. Du og jeg sammen skal bestige fjell i natt. Du får meg alltid til å smile og føle meg elsket og bra. Jeg trodde aldri jeg skulle føle igjen. Det er vanskelig å finne de rette ordene til deg fordi du fortjener bare det beste. Jeg har gitt deg mitt hjerte, du fanget min sjel og sammen er vi fyrverkeri. Jeg vil alltid huske deg slik.

Når du tar på meg kjenner jeg det brenner  i mitt innerste meg og hjertet mitt står i brann. Allikevel gjør det vondt. Er jeg god nok for deg? Solen går ned og mørket kommer snikende frem. Jeg hutrer, men jeg er glad i mørket. Jeg føler meg best da. Du tenner en gnist i meg som får mørket til å bli noe av det vakreste jeg vet om. Det er så mye jeg skulle ha sagt.

Du og jeg i natt smelter sammen som to vanndråper som passer sammen i hverandre, samtidig så forskjellige med ulike farger vi farger hverandre og verden vi lever i. Håper jeg alltid husker oss slik.

Du vet alltid hva som er best for meg, og jeg følger deg hvor som helst. Allikevel gjør det vondt. Er jeg god nok for deg? Du fortjener bare det beste, og er det meg? Du trenger noe mer til jeg finner meg selv igjen. Det er vanskelig, og i mine dårlige tider frykter jeg meg selv.

Når jeg har det bra-farger jeg mine skjøre vinger og sprer de utover og «flyr». Jeg er i min dypeste sjel og inn i mitt innerste meg og fyller meg opp i mitt hjertet med kjærlighet. Jeg dykker langt ned for å finne «diamanten» i meg. Det er så mye jeg skulle sagt.

Jeg mister kontrollen, jeg vet jeg er et rot, jeg kjemper og jeg vet ikke om jeg vinner? Jeg trenger tid, men det er ikke vanskelig å elske deg. Jeg er trygg hos deg, og du finner alltid kjærligheten i meg. Det er så mye jeg skulle sagt, men jeg finner ikke de riktige ordene.

Solen går ned. Du legger dine armer rundt meg og legger meg forsiktig ned. Kysser meg fjærlett på munnen og nedover halsen. Mitt hjerte dunker og brer sin flamme rundt i hele meg. Jeg står i brann, må ha deg, du fanger meg og brer din trygghet og kjærlighet rundt meg. Jeg hikster og du klemmer meg varsomt. med ømhet du kjærtegner hele meg. Jeg håper det ikke er en drøm. Jeg vil alltid huske deg slik. Det er så mye jeg skulle sagt, men jeg finner ikke de riktige ordene.

Jeg er redd for å miste deg fordi jeg elsker deg. Allikevel gjør det vondt. Jeg har åpnet mitt hjerte og sluppet deg inn. La oss stoppe verden, la oss elske til evig tid. Du får meg til å føle meg levende, alt er ekte -du er alt jeg trenger-

Mine skjøre vinger lærer å fly igjen og jeg har så mye jeg skulle sagt, men jeg finner ikke de riktige ordene. Jeg vil alltid huske deg slik. I solnedgangen, i natt og jeg vil ikke miste deg. Jeg velger å åpne opp mine vinger  å gi meg fult og hen til deg.  La oss «fly» sammen. Vi brer rundt oss med kjærlighet, smelter sammen og vi er ett.

Jeg vil alltid huske deg slik.




I will always remember you like this.

You and I at sunset who burn in my eyes and skin. We look at each other and I feel like a bonfire. I’m in the full guy and I glow. I see in your eyes that you are captivated, that you love me and are buried in my soul. Just here and now. You can always find the good in me. There is so much I should have said.

The sun is coming down, I’m on my way up. You and I will climb mountains tonight. You always make me smile and feel loved and good. I never thought I should feel again. It’s hard to find the right words for you because you just deserve the best. I have given you my heart, you captured my soul and together we are fireworks. I will always remember you that way.

When you touch me, I feel it burns in my heart and my heart is on fire. Anyway, it hurts. Am I good enough for you? The sun goes down and the darkness creeps forward. I hut, but I love the dark. I feel best then. You light a spark in me that makes the darkness become something of the most beautiful I know of. There is so much I should have said.

You and I tonight melt together as two water drops that fit together in each other, at the same time so different with different colors we color each other with and the world we live in. Hope I always remember us that way.

You always know what’s best for me, and I follow you anywhere. Anyway, it hurts. Am I good enough for you? You just deserve the best, and is it me? You need something more until I find myself again. It’s difficult, and in my bad times I fear myself.

When I feel good, I color my fragile wings and spread them out and fly. I am in my deepest soul and into my innermost mind and fill myself up in my heart with love. I dive far down to find the «diamond» in me. There is so much I should say.

I lose control, I know I’m a mess, I’m fighting and I don’t know if I win? I need time, but it’s not hard to love. I’m safe with you, and you always find the love in me. There is so much I should say, but I can’t find the right words.

The sun goes down. You put your arms around me and put me down gently. Kisses me featherly on the mouth and down the neck. My heart is pounding and spreading its flame around me. I am on fire, must have you, you catch me and bring your security and love around me. I hiccup and you hug me gently. with tenderness you caress all over me. I hope it’s not a dream. I will always remember you that way. There is so much I should say, but I can’t find the right words.

I’m afraid of losing you because I love you. Anyway, it hurts. I have opened my heart and let you in. Let’s stop the world, let’s love forever. You make me feel alive, everything is real – you’re all I need –

My fragile wings learn to fly again and I have so much to say, but I can’t find the right words. I will always remember you that way. In the sunset, tonight and I will not lose you. I choose to open up my wings to give myself fullness and to you. Let’s fly together. We are around us with love, melting together and we are one.

I will always remember you that way.