Love letters to the death

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Your spirit is a last fragrance from

your touch on my cheek

darkness is crying out

you gasping for air

see into the depth of my soul

feel into the depth of my heart

sink into the depth of my eyes

unfulfilled dreams can’t be my

ashes from my rose petals

after my death

shades from a panther in the shadows

painting the weakest chain in a cloud

starless night and a path in the forest

black pearls dripping down from heaven

the perfect touch from Angels above

with love and prayers

my fragile heart can’t bear this

life on earth anymore..therefore

I write love letters to the dead…


19 kommentarer om “Love letters to the death

  1. SMiLes.. as i remember the
    Experience of the Living Dead
    there is no one to truly commune
    With You in that place for you are the only one…
    It’s hard to be
    the Only one
    no Matter
    What We Do
    in Life.. to Find someone
    Who has Traveled Close
    to the Shoes We’ve Worn
    May Be at least Respite
    In Darkest Dungeons
    of Lonely Ghosts
    the Earth
    some of who
    Do Not Understand
    How they got there
    And How to get out…
    Emotions are Gifts Dark thru
    Light to Cherish While Love Breathes..
    Smiles Lillian FRiEnD Best Wishes to
    You in HeART Beat Always coming Back..:)

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  2. Hi Lillian! As always your poem is amazing! How it comes from the depths of your heart with such true feeling and reaching out in hope of the wonders of life. Nice to see you are still writing! Have a wonderful weekend!😁😸⛄

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      1. Hey, that’s great to hear about your poetry collection Lillian!🎉
        I’m almost back to normal with my health now, been a long time.
        How are you feeling these days?
        I hope you have a wonderful Sunday Lillian!😁😸⛄

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      2. Thank you Steve, you are too kind🙏🏻
        I’m good…. much to do, but that is ok👍🏻😉
        Well, here I live… it is raining and raining and it is windy….
        Take care, good to hear you are back to normal, almost🌺

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  3. This is beautifully poignant, Lillian, both artwork and poem. A pleasure to come back to your blog after a long time. I think the artwork and the poem combine perfectly. They both show a massive water storm, the crashing of furious waves, both in the physical world and in the emotional world of the inner soul. I could feel everything with all my senses where stormy dark waters are also a synonim for stormy souls, so fragile as we are as humans, yet so strong at the same time. Loved this post and thank you for sharing so much beauty and truth! 🤗💕

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    1. Thank you so much beautiful soul, deeply appreciate it. I’m so grateful to see you again and I hope you are well.
      I’m touched by your beautiful comment, means alot to me. You are beautiful, take care💜

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