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  1. Passion of Falling In Love
    SucH A Storm Ripping
    Out Pain in
    of Guts Now

    Then Never Ending

    Sleep of Staying Awake

    Deeper Ecstasy

    Sharper Knives


    In Gut

    Yes Oh

    My God The

    Relief Of Just to

    Love Just to Love

    Storm Rising



    Clarity Comes

    Again Yet Echoes

    Of Unrequited Love

    Just A Feather’s Touch

    A Breath in Dagger

    Blood of


    EYes Bleeding
    Distant A Heart Beat Sees

    Red Deep In Blue Thorns

    Flowers Rising Roses Now

    Never Dying to Breathe Again..

    Yet Much Longer Than These Words

    The Depth of the Accompanying Song

    Her Voice Distant Still Breathing Close

    So Far Away Still His Mine to See..

    As Empaths

    Will See

    Will Bleed

    Every Death

    Every Birth of

    Love Death Again

    Still Breathing Love…


    A World

    Still Spiraling

    In Dark Yet to See

    And Breathe With Eyes of Love to LiGHT..

    It’s True i am Not Who i Seem To Be i Am

    Them And Us..



    RiSinG Waves

    Sleeping WaKinG



    Breathing… Breathing…:)

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  2. Written from the depths of the heart and told in graphic detail as the love is torn away. And yet love shines from the depths within once more in the same graphic detail, coming and shining with ever great beauty.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Lillian and that the coming year will be one of great blessing for you!😀😺💐💗

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