Black pastel love

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I have a trumpet in my black pastel heart

a symphony in my chest

a melody of the colors of the rainbow flows

in my veins as creates a bridge to his soul

I fell in love with an aquarius under the

midnight sun

upon the mountain high

you gave me a summer kiss

your shimmering verses from your trembled

lips in the line with the shades of color of

heaven as an amethyst makes

waves of euphoria flowing over all

the pores of my body.

Your eyes danced solasta bright when

I took my feathers out from my long hair

to play it on your skin.

Your laughter tickled my heart strings and

you whispered to my Angels wings

«we are condemned to act in portrays of the

crystalline from ours cards of future»

My destiny from Cupid`s arrow is

written into my history of black pastel love.


33 kommentarer om “Black pastel love

      1. Oh my… cold❄️today it is snowing, but now I have winter vacation and are up in tve mountains… at home it is raining…
        Well, I am always so happy to read your comment Steve, thank you so much.
        Take care, you and Muffin😻


  1. Beautiful artwork and poetry, Lillian. I really enjoyed both creations, so expressive, heart-felt, authentic and, therefore, unique. Your poem is melodious, sensual and full of beautiful imagery. A pleasure to come back to your site. 💕

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  2. It’s Interesting How
    the Fall of Love is often
    Remembered More Soulfully
    than the Rise of Giving Sharing
    Love Even More for True We Humans
    are Prone to Remember Dark More than
    Light Just to avoid
    what we may
    See as
    that Hurt us
    Before the Down
    And then the Up
    is a Roller Coaster
    oF LiGHT that indeed
    Loves «Pastel Dark» as
    You Say my FRiEnD for
    Even Greater Pleasure
    May come when We
    are in a Safe Space
    and May Fantasize
    in what once made
    Us Afraid for We
    Are Strong
    and More
    Now Where Dark
    Becomes Only a Plaything
    to Amuse the LiGHT iN Us Now
    even More.. Humans Are Complex
    Creatures of Emotions and Senses
    Understanding Feelings that may seem
    totally Out of This World reminds us
    Truly that we are not of ‘that World’
    We Are the World We create of
    us.. as those who Visit along
    the Journey do their
    best to get
    of Us the
    Most if they
    Really Care
    if they really wanna
    Touch a HeART With Emotions
    More than an Empty LiGHTeD
    Soul still Lost from Connecting More..
    Anyway.. Lillian a Happy Belated Valentines
    Day to you.. i tend to Use that as Plural now as
    Surely every Day Best Will be A Free Love Day
    Now Fearless Bringing Least harm to Others and
    The Rest of Nature as of course Naturally We Do
    Consume each other in Many Ways DarK Thru LiGHT
    but as We Master our Emotions and Senses Regulating
    Them and Integrating them as we Will they Become our
    of Foe
    as ReaSoN
    Follows Joy Now More
    That We Co-Create ALonG the Way..:)

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    1. You always captivating me with your words, maybe I’m a bit speechless too, oh my.. I’m so glad for your beautiful comment, thank you so much🌹my soul is dancing in your words🎶💃
      Take care and have a great day⭐️

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      1. SMiLes Your Words
        Inspire Magic Creativity
        in me i never miss an
        Opportunity for
        This Experience
        When i find
        Nirvana Within
        SMiLes.. Yes
        Your Words
        Bring the
        Bliss Within
        DarK Thru
        Light Victory
        It is Sublime
        My Words
        Are Only
        Of The
        Sour Sweet
        Bitter Delicious
        Emotions Coloring
        My Soul more
        Now Within

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      2. Spring is Getting So So
        Close Daylight Even
        With Cloudy
        Are Growing
        Longer Flowers
        More Coming Soon
        Winter’s Dream Fruition Spring… 02202020..
        Doubles Creative
        Vision still to come
        A Rainy Day
        Poetry FRiEnD!❤️😁🎶🕺

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  3. Wow,😍 That was so beautiful and romantic, and it’s full of love 🥰 Love reading it,Nice to see you back again Lilian ✨🤗 The painting is also beautiful ✨💐 Wish you a wonderful week ahead ✨🤗

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    1. Hi dear Eliza, You warm my heart, and now I’m in tears.. because you are care and I’m so touched. Thank you so much, I don’t know to say… I’m speechless… you are the most beautiful soul I can think of right now. You fill my heart with joy.
      I am ok.. I struggle sometimes…I have wirked of my pages in instagram and writing on my books…but, I was thinking I should post soon in here..
      I hope you know how much your 3 words mean to me «thinking of you»
      Much love to you
      Love from Norway

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      1. 💕💕💕
        Life is a journey. Of ups and downs. These times can be really tough…
        It’s good to see you!!!!
        Looking forward to read anything you have to say…
        Sending sunshine and sparkles…

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