3 kommentarer om “Happy Friday

  1. EYes Are ProVerbial Windows of the
    Soul Better Put Perhaps Reflections
    of What Truly Breathes Within As Song

    Of Voice is Instrument of Soul aS Well

    Both Natural Sensual Instruments of Breath

    That Dance
    And Sing

    We All Deepest Now

    New Feelings Senses Within
    So What Good Is it to Cover
    The Body And Leave Eyes Fully
    Exposed to Touch Souls With Greatest
    Earthly Sensual Delights So Deep Sublime to Touch Within

    For WHere THere is Voice Fully Clothed Without Even EYes
    For Windows of Soul THere is Dance Song of SPiRiT Coming

    Again Again

    To Express
    SouL HeaRT

    What EYes

    Will Other Wise

    Dance and Sing
    Of Earthly Sensual DeLights

    EYes Move Yes Dance Words
    Sing Yes Dance Once Again Sensual
    Delights Unleashed Unbound to Spring Above
    Below Dear Lillian Orchard Daughter So Free to Be Just Free..:)

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