Olsok: A summernight

Olsok is the celebration of (Olav den hellige) Olav the Saint’s death at Stiklestad (Trondheim) July 29, 1030. An important part of Norway’s history.

(Poem in English text after Norwegian text).

Hennes norske blod

rødt som kveldssolen

renner i hennes vikingårer

som er like blå som isbreen

hennes hud er melkehvit

som den kalde vintersnøen

hun danser mellom fjell og

daler der fossefall bruser

nedover til fjorden

en sommerkveld med blomster i håret

lett kjole som blafrer i vinden

hun er som en nyutspringet svart

rose med et hint av rødt mørke

har tent et bluss

har vunnet et slag

det knitrer i gledesbålet

med et merke av kjærlighet

som regnbuens tegn under skyene

så unik som hvert et snøfnugg

svømmer hun under stjernene

i nattens månelys i

romantikkens hav.



Her Norwegian blood

red as the evening sun

runs in her viking veins

which is as blue as the glacier

her skin is milky white

like the cold winter snow

she dances between mountains

and valleys where waterfalls

flow down to the fjord

a summer night with flowers

in the hair

a dress that flutter in the wind

she is like a fresh blossoming

of black roses with a touch

of red darkness

has lit a flame

has won a battle

it crackles in the joyful fire

with a mark of love

like the rainbow signs under

the clouds

as unique as every snowflake

she swims under the stars

in the moonlight of the night

in the ocean of romance.


My little «pearl» in Norway

Today’s dose of nature’s own energy.

I can breathe again

from the beauty of the water I let my dark

thoughts float down with the river

they end up in the ocean somewhere

they fade on their journey

I hope I never meet them again

I watch the sky, blue and beautiful, but

sometimes it is dark and powerful.

My feelings running through my veins, fast

and furious. It can be powerful too.

Sometimes it scares me

Sometimes I can reflect

Sometimes I can look back

Sometimes I can look forward

Sometimes I just want to be in the

presence of nature.

Often I dream

Often I don’t want to come back to my life

Often I hope my life is a fairytale in a

horror movie, but my life

is real.



When nature offers this sunrise then I just have to meditate.

I feel totally relaxed and I come «home» inside myself.

I can feel all the stress flowing out of my head and down my body and out …

I say goodbye and never hope I get that stressed back again…

I welcome new and good thoughts.

There is a lot going on in my life right now and I accept how I feel and deal with what may come of emotions and thoughts and reactions.

It’s not all that is just as nice, but it’s part of me that I have to work with.

It’s a perfect morning to dig into myself again…

Embraced by the Norwegian faune I fill myself up again with clean and fresh energy.

Feeling in touch and contact with Mother Earth and some of her elements are indescribably strong to me in a moment of mindfulness.

I’m practicing to be present at the moment.

I need to strengthen all my senses.

Thank you so much to the beautiful nature and everything in it for this experience.



The silence of the forest.

Me and my little family went out into the forest today.

We were just going to be with the «silence of the nature»

I open the car door and felt the clean energy of the forest fill me up immediately.

I looked down on the ground where I was just about to put my foot down. There on the ground, there were many ants, so there was one jump and bounce and Lillian was safely on a rock.

My husband understood he didn’t have to ask me for help, and he fixed everything. My son laughed and looked at me and we laughed even more.

I spend some time on an outside meditation and looking curiously at my husband. Our son and he was fishing.

My mind never rest and words and pictures begin to take shape. I have to write down the words and enter wildly on the phone.

I meet the gaze of my husband and his bright blue eyes sparkles towards me. He has already been tan and his strong arms pulsating towards me .

He reads my body language and how I smile at him. He understands what happens in my heart and mind.

I sit on the stone and write and put a strawberry into my mouth.

He comes to me, whispers something in mye ear, and I love it when he does that. I hide the rest of the strawberries.

I grab his arms and put them around me and I felt his heart rhythm.

I did not finish the poem..but I got the forest’s clean air in my lungs, the water’s energy and be with those who mean everything to me.

..and I have smiled and laughed a lot ..

We get a trout, who came home with us.

And I… I know what to do with the rest of the strawberries tonight 😉



Destination: Norway

Special thanks to Nova from https://mynamaste365online.blog.

I am honered and very grateful to suppory the journey of your idea, The Traveling Blog Journal.

You can read about each destination of the blog’s journey in her profile. It is nice that we share more from our countries, spread the words – check it out.

I want to send a special greeting to Julie Krupp who is the author behind the juliekrupp.com who send me this journey.

Thank you so much,

This will be a challenge to choose from my country, it has so much to offer.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for your lovely kind words about me and my art🦋

I hope my readers visit your blog and I’m sure they will be more wise, inspired and motivated to more things by reading your postes.



Lofoten North Norway
Lofoten North Norway

The world’s largest deepwater coral reef is Norwegian

And located outside Lofoten.

Salmon sushi
Salmon sushi

Salmon sushi is Norwegian

In the early 80s, Norwegian exporters introduced salmon to Japanese sushi chefs, but it did not become very popular until the mid-90s.

The word Fuck is Norwegian

Fuck comes from Old Norse «fukka», which meant having intercourse.

Jan Mayen

Norway is the largest outside Norway

Queen Mauds Land is 2.7 million square kilometers, Svalbard is 61,000 square kilometers, Peter In Island is 154 square kilometers and Jan Mayen is 377 square kilometers. Norway is otherwise 385,000 square kilometers.

Destinasjon Norge

Svalbard -North light -aurora borealis-
Destinasjon NorgeSvalbard

Destinasjon Norge


Norway is known for its adventurers who walk land and beach around and to pole to pole.

Destinasjon NorwayNorth Norway Arctic Circle

Norway is known for its poets, musicians, writers and artists. Many do international careers and many live around the world.

Norway also makes its mark in sports, ranging from winter sports to chess.

Destinasjon NorwayArctic Circle

Northern Norway is also known as the land of the Midnight Sun, when the country is partly north of the Arctic Circle.

Destinasjon NorwayMidnight sun

We also have a very rich wildlife.

Destinasjon NorwayNorwegian wolf
I feel blessed by living in the middle of nature and experiencing the animals this way.
Destinasjon NorwayNorwegian moose

Destinasjon Norway

Norwegian river Stor elvdal

Norway is known for its wild nature, with rivers and extreme sports such as rafting.

Destinasjon Norge NorwayFull moon at my home

Norway is known for being the home of gnomes and trolls, keychains and Huldra and elves, gnomes, witches and wizards. It’s just the imagination that sets limits.

Destinasjon NorwayDette er et bilde av nærheten der jeg bor.

You never know when the elves or Huldra dance into the shadows of the forest’s adventure…

Destination Norway


Many people use the mountain in Norway both summer and winter.

Known for ir’s spectacular nature with the wild reindeer protected.

Destination NorwaySunset at my home.

Norway is so much more. I recommend traveling here once if you can. Seeing and experiencing yourself, sensing and feeling, and maybe you are the lucky one to meet Orkidedatter🦋

I want to end this little journey from my country with a poem:


When I see you as my country, Norway

with beautiful mountains and deep


wild and beautiful and friendly and love

I feel a joy where the Norwegian birch

forest meets my eyes

and in myself I know deeply of the quiet

forest and the great sea

the shadows shining on the silence of the

water in the colorful fairway of the


beautiful meadows with flowers put

their evening dew in their robes

a summer night with the northern lights

dancing in the sky and my spirit resting

in the breeze of the Norwegian wind.



I am sending this Traveling Blog Journal to it’s next lucky host, Steve, who is the author behind the https://stevescountry.com

I love to hear about your country.

Steve is a wonderful soul with a heart of gold, and I really appreciate his blog.

His pictures is lovely and with his words he creates magic and I relax with a good cup of coffee.




Today it is

Norway’s National Day

Happy birthday Norway and everyone who is living in this beautiful country full of its charm with mountains and fjords, sea and oceans and an adventure of forest and nature there all fairy tales of trolls, elves and gnomes live.

When I see you as my country, Norway

with beautiful mountains and deep


wild and beautiful and friendly and love

I feel a joy where the Norwegian birch

forest meets my eyes

and in myself I know deeply of the quiet

forest and the great sea

the shadows shining on the silence of the

water in the colorful fairway of the


beautiful meadows with flowers put

their evening dew in their robes

a summer night with the northern lights

dancing in the sky and my spirit resting

in the breeze of the Norwegian wind.



I will make me a great day, and I log off to celebrate with those who mean everything to me❤️

I wish you a wonderful day too🦋


(This post is only in English)

It was a bit cloudy in the mountains today, but it does not stop Lillian from an outdoor meditation.

I sit down on a stone, feel like I get in touch with Mother Earth and listen to the sounds. The silence is the right word, but it is only broken by the stream running next to me.

First, I take a look at the stream that trickles. Look at the water and the patterns in it. I see the stones on the bottom and it flows.

I close my eyes and my soul goes on adventure.

I stand on the highest mountain and look down on the dense deep forest and cry out loud over mountains, plains, fjords and other fauna. «I managed it» …

I see for myself the «ladder» I have climbed up and down so many times. When I have climbed a step up, I have fallen three steps down again.

The road from the abyss and just getting the «head over the water» has been a battle on my own.

I imagine the steep and slippery mountainsides where nothing has been used.

Then it has been to walk sideways a good distance with the ladder on the back which weighs extra.

Sleeping and heavy it has been, where mouse steps have become a nightmare and I just want wings like a bird so I can escape over the challenging mountains I have in front of me.

Again, I want to welcome my thoughts as if they are guests in my house with me. Taking them kindly in and when it’s time to go, I say goodbye and close the door.

-This is so powerful to me, and help me a lot.

Thank you nature and Mother Earth.


Norwegian nature embraces her soul🦋

(This post is only in English)

Norwgian nature, Norwegian blogger

In the mountains far in the big wide tundra she feels small. If Mother Earth decides to shake a little, she has no other choice to join in on what’s happening and let fate determine the outcome.

Norwegian nature Norwegian blogger

She sees so far the eye can reach, and the sun shines from the most beautiful blue sky. With paper and pencil she has next to her, she lays down in the snow.

She makes a snow angel … and embraces herself with the energy of nature.

Norwegian nature Norwegian blogger.

The blue sky reminds her that there is no end, nor any start up there, but a whole eternity. She closes her eyes and feels.

Feeling the force of her heartbeat and her Viking blood running in her vains.

Her blood bubbles and she can feel the presence of something she doesn’t know.

Only her imagination can put an end to her dreams ..

Norwegian nature, Norwegian blogger

Music notes appear as a movie in her head. Every note has its sound, every sound has its picture and every picture gives her a word …

Where the ancestors have settled from the old times it gives her roots from a time she has not seen, but which she can only feel.

The meditation helps her to sense the nature and it feels like home.

norwegian blogger Norwegian nature

Far down there she can hear the sound of Norway’s longest river. It crumbles, rush and flows like in a rosewood thirst for water.

At the end of the long miles it runs into the ocean and becomes one with the world.

She feels lucky to experience this. It smells like winter and spring. A summer mood at the bottom of the river where withered leaves turns into grass and moss.

Where the little sprouts of the trees and flowers are fighting for life to flourish. Everything will come to life after King Winter’s farewell.

She’s finished now, and thanks her spirit and soul, and thanks Mother Earth for this time. She knows she’s coming back in the summer. With a hope to flourish like the mountain in hope and faith.

At home in the sunset, she is grateful. She writes it down in a book she calls «Orchid Garden». Here she fills up the blank sheets with positive things and experiences.

She sits quietly until the sun has gone completely down. She can still feel the warmth of the sunset that spreads her colors around the world with a prayer to all of us for love.

In the sunrise the next morning there is a new day …

It’s quiet, only the birds that chirp a jolly song break the silence. Only the trees in her garden whiz a gently good morning and flutter with their big branches so her hair flutters.

She always has pen and paper with her, and this time she writes the notes in her mind in the form of a poem and she has her paint brush and colors ready.

What turns into life in her drawing book will she discover soon…


My inspiration today…

(This post is only in English)

I am at my cabin on Easter holiday, and it is lovely weather.

Bring the dogs out for a walk down the river is like cleaning my soul.

To listen to the water that trickles and look at the clear ice water where the snow has melted makes me grateful to be able to experience just that.

The sun warms and I can glimpse the autumn’s old foliage that protrudes under the snow.

I play with one of my dogs and all the peace. The only thing that breaks the silence is the bird whites from the little birds in the trees and the great white majestic swans in the water.

The water sparcles in the sun from the opening in the ice and it is as if nature is talking to me. The water tells a story that comes to life in my mind.

I go back to my cabin. Produces pen and paper and puts me in the sofa corner and feels inspired to write s poem or write a short story or actually an erotic short story on this Saturday night.

I let the pen play over the paper …

I wish you all out there a wonderful Saturday, maybe it is Sunday where you live🦋




Livsmestring psykisk helse meditasjon orkidedatterart  norwegian blogger

Under meditasjon har jeg lært meg aksept. Å lære det som er- når det er.

Det har tatt meg tid, men for meg er det en nøkkel til å godta meg og mine tanker og følelser.

Trene på å være bevisst oppmerksom. Trene mine sanser og tankemønstre.

Jeg tror det er flere som kjører oss fast i et tankemønster og dette blir en vond spiral. Jeg har det, men nå går det bedre.

Dette er ikke bare å skru av en knapp, fordi jeg har ingen slik knapp på min kropp.

Jeg øver på å ha kontakt med meg selv, og ikke sitte å se på lenger i mitt eget liv. Med dette mener jeg at det er bare jeg som kan endre hvordan jeg vil ha det. Med hjelp av ulike metoder mestrer jeg dette.

Jeg hadde bare ønsket at jeg kunne dette for lenge siden.

Meditasjon var et ord jeg bare hadde hørt og det samme var det med mindfulness.

Når jeg begynte for noen år siden å bli nysgjerrig på dette og få føle dette på min egen kropp, forstod jeg verdien av det.

Å være oppmerksom på det som skjer inni meg selv, observere mine tanker og følelser.





During meditation I have learned acceptance. To learn what is when it is.

It has taken me time, but for me it’s a key to accepting me and my thoughts and feelings.

Exercise to be consciously aware. Exercise my senses and thought patterns.

I think there are several who drive us into a thought pattern and this becomes a bad spiral. I got it, but now it’s better.

This is not just turning off a button because I have no such button on my body.

I practice to have contact with myself and not to look any further in my own life. By this I mean that it is only me who can chang…

I had just wished I could do this long ago.

Meditation was a word I had only heard, and so was mindfulness.

When I began to be curious about this a few years ago and feel this on my own body, I understood the value of it.

To be aware of what is happening inside myself, observe my thoughts and feelings.