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  1. SMiLes Dear Orkidedatter Lillian
    Orchard Flower And Happy Earth
    Day to You as i am Writing A lot About

    Earth And Human

    Nature As Always

    With SMiLes Today

    And Tonight Too So What

    Is E H With No Art

    True Art

    is Core

    of EartH And

    All Nature Does

    in Passion of Art

    King Sago Palms Need

    Not Hide The Relationship of

    This From 300 MiLLioN Years or So
    to Now in Human Form of Spring Bees
    Pollinating Flowers too For True We Have
    Two Female Huge King Sago Palms Just

    Waiting For the

    Sign of


    Sego Palms

    To Come ‘Wild Horses’

    As You Poetically Imply

    Standing Tall to Play With
    Nature’s Greatest Way of Passion

    As Spin And Torsion Creating New
    UNiVerSES Out of BLacK Holes Far
    Beyond our Earth too As Quantum Mechanics in Physics

    Theories Suggest too Anyway Your Poem Reminds

    me of the Song ‘Wild Horses’ By Gino Vannelli French

    Canadian Singer Composer From Last Century Seems

    Like Yesterday For Real to me His Wife in the Video

    So Sultry Understanding The Gift Always Hers to

    Own As Yes She Tamed The Wild Horse

    For the One Then at Least

    So Many



    Wanted to Tame

    A Woman Who Trusts

    Her Find is Lovely To Hold For Free..:)

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