Behind a mask

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– Behind a mask-

Behind a mask, someone is hiding

my door was opened to my safe place

now it became my prison

I cried – no one saw my tears

I screamed in disgust – no one has ever

heard them

a little girl’s fragility gets crushed by the crime

caught in the curse of the mask

no escape

trapped in a body that slowly have died

she buried herself in pain

so as not to feel what she saw

a empty shell with a color of black

behind a mask an unwritten diary

beneath rolling waves

a sea of guilt

bound with chains and trapped in mystery

every minute passed and I felt the hell that

even darkness feared .


20 kommentarer om “Behind a mask

  1. Hi Lillian, It’s good to see you back on blogging. How are you? Hope you got better and your health got better. Love the painting, Honestly i love this more than your recent works. and the poem is truly in deep, and it matches perfectly with the painting work. Always a fan of your work 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful weekend !

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    1. Awe, heart felt appreciation my friend. I am so glad for your comment, and this art means a lot to me, it is special and took me soooo long time…
      I always appreciate honesty, thank you so much.
      I am better, thank you🌹
      Much appreciated your beautiful comment.


  2. SMiLes.. Friend Lillian How Do We Run Away From
    Home Now When Home is Our Soul and Someone
    has stolen the Trust/Faith of that Place away from Us..
    SMiLes my Friend this Purgatory of Life is surely not
    rare for i’ve seen
    This Mask in at Least
    half the Women who have
    shared their more Intimate Truths
    In Lies of their Life they have experienced…
    As Again there is no running away from Home
    There is no running away from Soul No matter
    How Unspeakable
    of Home Within…
    And sure the Victim Remains
    Often the Perpetrator goes free
    Perhaps the Most Horrible part of
    all is when the Victim Becomes Suspect
    And other People who cannot understand the
    Depth of Prison Label them as Perpetrator too…
    A Soul
    A Soul
    the Patience of Understanding
    for any chance at all for Healing…
    to come back Home With Wings that Soar again..:)

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      1. You are an Inspiration
        Lillian how precious it
        Is for Folks like you who
        Share your Scars with
        The World Without
        Fear making
        People who still
        Silently Suffer Feel
        They are not alone…
        So many Do Silently
        Suffer so many
        Suffering Stories
        i have Heard in
        Life by those
        Brave Enough to
        Open up to me…
        Not all of those
        People are alive
        For some it was too
        Much… Reading your
        Poem might have
        Made the difference
        My Friend… It is as
        Important to share
        Scars as it is to
        Beauty Marks
        For Many of
        Those Beauty
        Photos are masking
        The Pain of Hidden Scars❤️

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  3. Hi Lillian, so nice to see you back again! How are you these days, hope all is going well. These are such strong and powerful words, and you have said so much in these few words. Invading a person’s safe place like that and what it does tearing someone apart. Thank you for sharing this poem Lillian. Hope you are having a wonderful day!😁😸🌞

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    1. Hello Steve, I always appreciate your read and comment, it means a lot to me.
      I work so so much, too much these days.. hardly time to write either… it is not good for my soul, but this weekend I will ho up to my cabin and paint/write all the time♥️
      I hope you are well😻

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      1. It’s nice you can get away to your cabin for the weekend. It’s important to get away sometimes and just relax and do some things we enjoy. I hope you have a wonderful time.
        My muscle has healed, took a long time, but it healed improperly so it’s still giving me trouble. It might stay that way but hopefully it can be fixed with the proper exercises.
        Otherwise I’m doing very well, enjoying this milder winter, even though I don’t go out much. Lots of birds around now too, gives Muffin something to watch.
        Have a great day Lillian! 😃😺🌞⛄Keep painting! That’s something I would love to do, but I have no talent for that!😂🙄

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  4. So poignant and vulnerable, Lillian. Yes, behind the mask there is our fragility. You so beautifully write there is «a safe place» that actually becomes a prison. This is something that stops us from showing and developing our inner selves. How relatable, this human duality we all have. «Behind a mask an unwritten diary» and «a sea of guilt» that makes the person of your artwork cry tears of blood. I recommend you to listen to my friend Mario Savioni’s new musical piece. The music begins beautifully relaxing as if portraying our comfort zone, just like the «safe place» in your poem, yet something sinister with a reverberating echo comes unexpectedly:


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