Hell, can taste saintly

Hell can taste saintly…
I’m not an innocent girl,
to deal with me you have to be brave, you have to deal with your own darkness and the «devil’s back»…

Because this country girl from the frozen Arctic
has a dark secret you only can watch in her sapphire blue eyes if you dare…

-nobody has tried to… yet-

but, my ghostly demons are what drove him wild,
together with
my dangerous mind,
my sinful lips,
my heavy pain and
my sorrowful tongue
and craziness of a soul
and a cold heart from the past.

All my monsters of nightmarish origins from my cage within playing with a razor blade together with your voices in your head.

Feel the passionate pain,
touch my prism tears with your fingertips,
keep my Snow White body naked,
tie the diamond barbed wire around my neck and give me pleasure
like fire in the rabbit hole.

Kiss my mischievous eye spark,
be my Lucifer tonight…

-and as you look deep into her sapphire blue eyes,
you understand what made
you hungry about her
-and you are in trouble..



The last arrow…

Orkidedatter, poetry, poems, Norway, kunstner, artist, authorArt my own @orkidedatter @orkidedatter_artist


In a big, dark and cold temple she is

hunting for a secret King.

A hypnotic kind of magic in his atmosphere

and his eyes met hers.

She owned him and the air around

them stood still.

A hidden clandestine love of her life.

In love with his metaphorical history

and a desire to solve his intelligence.

Entwined by a spitting cobra she blinded him

with her beauty.

He was tempted and swollowed her soul.

He printed fragmented words into her heart.

She spoke into the flames of the King in a

delightful language.

She is descended from a decoded puzzle.

Petals broken as dust from a shadow lost in a


A perception uncovered his being unleashed

her heart and soul.

Forest of her mind temptations.

A key to interpret the depth within her sorrow

beneath her alluring silhouette.

A tragic reincarnated broken temptress,

and her tears blew with the silent wind and

scratched into stone…


Tears from a Black rose

OrkidedatterArt and picture my own

Like a mountain in a lotus land known

by witches and trolls she is a language of


Wild enough, but invisible like a ghost town

hidden by a veil of clouds.

A nightshade of her mind,

have passing the glorious sun.

A lonely soul that wander to the depth

of the lake and the Evil embraced her spirit.

She gave life to a butterfly in the cage of hell

her frozen black rose from an archangel

cracked inside her crystal shadow.

So much bloodshed.

So many deaths.

Been never a magical love story,

no happy ending, no magic spells or

hidden dragons…

She is just a craft on crumpled manuscript

thrown away by the Dead Prince of


You never could handle the Black pearl from

the village…

When my petals cry, they hit like bullets.

Behind a mask

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– Behind a mask-

Behind a mask, someone is hiding

my door was opened to my safe place

now it became my prison

I cried – no one saw my tears

I screamed in disgust – no one has ever

heard them

a little girl’s fragility gets crushed by the crime

caught in the curse of the mask

no escape

trapped in a body that slowly have died

she buried herself in pain

so as not to feel what she saw

a empty shell with a color of black

behind a mask an unwritten diary

beneath rolling waves

a sea of guilt

bound with chains and trapped in mystery

every minute passed and I felt the hell that

even darkness feared .


Tormented by the ghosts.

In my bloodshot eyes I keep

staring at the moon




I turn back time and remember

our bodies entangled togheter

in the darkest nights

I’m tormented by the ghosts

of the many souls who

touched my heart

all their words is laying like

a dusty fog all over me

I try to fight but the remnants

of war is tearing me apart

I still feeding my melodies of

you with poisonous liquid

elixir of magic

I hope it will kill my vibes for you

until then I take my demons with

me and disappear into the

shadows of the forest before

I paint the green leafs red…



Nobody knew how much she blamed


she can’t breath in the end of the midnight

moonlight show her the path

she can’t get him out of her mind

one picture bringing back so

many memories

she can’t breath in the end of the midnight

she can hear the angels voice

a silent Lullaby

he is her univers

she is just a little human on earth

dancing with the moonlight shadow



pain – tasted blood

shoot her, the voice of the death said

she believe – hell is all she catch

the devils Lullaby is awakening

nobody gonna miss her

crawling on the floor

single bourbon on ice

a perfect storm in her head mixed with

a destroyed Lullaby on her jukebox

’cause this is where the country girl

slips away

she has bucked off.


The Dark Prince

She hear you shouts at night and

Your voice is filled with grief.

Her curtain fluttering and

she can feel

your breath

She lift her heand to her heart,

and it`s like drums

 and she can’t

stand still.

Her spirit dances in flames

along with

demons and elves

in the night sky.

She follows you wherever you go

She needs you and admires you, take

her with you.

She’s yours

She has nothing to be afraid of.

You’re not dangerous.

The Dark prince comes closer with his

violent tongue.

You scream her name.

She continues to dance around in sircles.

The wind grabs her soul

 and you grab her heart.

Her spirit stops for a moment.

Need help from the goodness of light,

cherishes for her freedom,

 but she can`t resist your beauty.

Your poisonous heart is like a snake

who wrapped around her

and she can’t breathe.

Please, put an end to her pain.

You laugh and throw off your shadow.

In the flames you grow large and powerful.

She’s lost.

She’s yours

Spirit and soul,

believe and fight

live and die.


Unwritten destiny.

Inferno in her heart

her sacred black rose of

darkness are being colder

inhaling the scent of her essence

under the moon of shaken sadness

she is dancing with her archangel

our bodies getting drunched in

Angels tears from heaven

make her scream your name

in vain across your black eyes

penetrate her soul

her pain are the echoes of

dust you can hear rattle within

with a wolf heart she has

been thrown out to the pack

fighting for life unwritten destiny

in her chapter of love

the unspoken voice in the soulless wind

changing her shadow

her spirit of the darkened path

perhaps she will return leading the pack…


Angel of death

(English text after the Norwegian text)

Hun ligger i en seng av drømmer

av mareritt

som en bølge på havet

hennes hår hviler på puta

hun ser ut som en engel

var det noen som sa

kanskje dødens engel

hun kan høre sin sjel hviske

ditt navn

hun har mistet grepet

hul innvendig

salte dråper triller fra hennes

øyne av ærlighet

minner av deg dekker

hennes hjerte

konstant smerte

vil det noen sinne slutte

å gjøre vondt

hver tanke er skygget av deg

hun tar tak i en nål og tråd

prøver å sy igjenn hennes arr

hun vil aldri føle seg såret igjen.



Angel of death

She is laying in a bed of dreams

of nightmares

like a wave on the ocean her

hair rests on the pillow

she looks like an angel

someone said

maybe the angel of death

she can hear her soul whisper

your name

she has lost her way

hollow inside

salty drops falling from her

eyes of honesty

memories of you cover her heart

constant pain

will it ever stop hurting

every thought is shadowed by you

she grabs a needle and thread

tries to sew her scars

she will never feel hurt again.


Solace that lingers

(English text after the Norwegian)

Han kom til henne forleden natt

Som en skygge du kravlet oppover hennes

fløyelsmyke hud

Hun følte dine negler skrape borti hennes

hellige grotte

Hun hikstet av nytelse

Hun kvelte sin egen pust

Du jaget henne under stjernene

falt sammen på bakken

rullet henne rundt

din tunge fanget hennes

hun vred seg i dine armer

ikke av frykt

men nytelse

fra de sterke båndene av smerte

slik frykt forsvinner fra mareritt

gjemmer hun seg i sitt knuste hjerte

med en trøst som drar

dypt inne i henne




He came to her the other night

as a shadow he crawled up her

velvety-soft skin

she felt your nails scraping

her holy cave

She sobbed with pleasure

She choked her own breathing

he hunted her under the stars

falling down to the ground

turned her around

his tongue caught hers

twisted in your arms

not of fear


from the strong bonds of pain

fears vanish like nightmare

hide in her broken heart

with a solace that lingers

deep inside.