-That girl-

That girl show her burned and

massacred wounds

she yearn for souls with depths

deeper than world ocean`s 

blue and dark souls who have

seen the furies in perdition 

that girl rip off chains of this

mental cage however beaten

always a soul of the miserable

intertwined with the lost ones

a desire to fight 


soul singing

spirit rising

phoenix within catches her legacy

finally find home

solicitations to be your gravyard

please, bury her skeleton with conscience

after your demons have eaten her soul out

and you raise that girl spirit

to yours dark heart

of a dead soul in a permanent pain.


23 kommentarer om “-That girl-

  1. After the Penis and
    Vagina Does ‘the Dance’
    After the Neurohormones
    Bring Comfort And Frustration
    Is Lost What is Left of the Colors
    of HeART the SPiRiT That Rises SouL Above
    So Much More Than Below to Color a Painting
    of Love more Than In and Out for Fast Relief..
    True there is Love of Frustration
    And Desire for Fleeting Warmth
    And then there are
    So Many Colors
    of the
    Never Ever
    Seen as Soul
    Bringing Evolution of
    God to Be.. As Within
    Becomes More Flowers
    Than Thorns as Rose Grows
    Taller than Ground Level of only
    Fertilizer for Life.. Leaves of Trees Will
    Fall but they will Ever Fertilize Soul Higher
    More Than Only Roots That Never See Light..
    And On the Other Hands Below How Will Love
    Ever Rise if Below is Not Fulfilled Before Above..
    There is ALWaYS Beauty in Love that Rises more than Falls..:)

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      1. Smiles Greatest Beauty is
        Traveling Somewhere Free
        Enough to Express Soul
        With no Restraint Your
        Blog Home is Such
        A Place Maturity
        Comes When We
        Express All
        Our Soul
        Even in
        Where it is
        Not Understood
        Or Welcome for me
        i thrive off Diversity
        You Bring That Gift🌄🌠🌌

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  2. That is so deep and full, with such vivid imagery to express the desire, that a picture develops in my mind as I read. So very well done Lillian!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Is it raining there? Raining a lot here.😃😺🍁🍂

    Likt av 3 personer

    1. Hi Steve, thank you🎶I am always so happy to see you here. I am so grateful for your support.
      I have a great weekend and it is a big yellow sun in the sky with no clouds.
      I hope the sun will stay for a while, because I am tired of the rain now…
      Make you a great day😺with Muffin.
      Take care.

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      1. Always my pleasure Lillian!! It would be nice to have that sun back again, we have had so much rain again!😀🙄🌧⛈
        Poor Muffin was awake most of the night because of the thunderstorms🙀⛈ so she is sleeping all day so far!
        Take care Lillian!😁😸🍁🍂

        Likt av 2 personer

      2. Glad to hear no one was hurt. Yes, right across western Canada to here there was bad thunderstorms, strong wind, hail, heavy rain. There was bad hail around here but didn’t touch this part of town.
        Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Lillian!😃😺🍁🍂

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