Christmas’s dark wish…

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Your body is like winter wonderland

unique as a snow crystal.

I have a desire to lick all your drops

of candy.

Swallow your nectar to taste you within.

You are my Mr. Christmas,

I’m your grief,

going togheter like fire and ice.

A want to exhale Christmas spirit, but all my

heartstrings plays is a melody of sadness,

I curl up and hide.

Outside the snow silently settled.

You understand the world inside me.

You told me sacred secrets to close a chapter in

my soul.

My noisy mind began to smile.

All the little things created to shapes in colours

lit a fire deep down.

You touched me like Angels wings,

faded away all my fear.

You grab my hair.

Your sensual hands holding my hips,

you pushed me up against the wall.

A Christmas hot mystery of explosive fireworks

that’s wandered right into between my legs.

You are my savior soul I longing for.

I tease your luscious lips

and seduce those to mine,

take you with my tounge

to a distance that make you forget to breath.

We are dancing in the flames.

I’m breathing harder and faster.

We loose controll.

We thouch the sky.

Shooting stars falling behind my rolling eyes.

You inhale that alluring cent of my lotus,

you bring all my petals out.

Sweatbathed skin skim across of lust and every

forward thrust straddling the fine line between

pain and passion.

The moment our heart’s pulses

and two souls screams in mercy…

You are hard as ice.

As a waterfall I flow down your magic part

of lovemaking.

You are slaying my wrong side of my

heart and completes us on a seldom level.

I collapse when you squeeze my mountains

and you make me some milk

sweet and thick…

I moan for both of us when

each little dark wish of mine

comes true the night before Christmas…


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  1. I’m not sure about your painting pattern, but love your works and effort. Back after a short break Lillian, How is your health now? Hope things are good now. This is a romantic poem✨😍🥰 Loved it, You are just awesome✨👌 Have a good day!

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    1. I love when you say «you are not sure about my painting pattern» and that is ok, we don’t need to be sure or understand things… and I love trying out different expressions and tools and everything that belongs to an artist ..
      You are awesome too🌹
      I’m not well, but I hope it will be… soon…
      I’m so glad you liked it, thank you so much for your lovely comment, means a lot to me since I struggling with reading and writing right now due to illness….
      I wish you a nice day🙂🌹

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      1. Hi Lillian, Thanks for your kind words ☺️. sorry to hear that, Hope you are taking your medicines properly. You’ll get better very soon. We are eagerly waiting for your poems and paintings. Remember that and get back soon to your reading writing and painting😉. Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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  2. SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Orchard Flower Lillian
    No ‘Bible’ Will Ever Be Complete Without
    «Christmas’s Dark Wish» As it is the
    ‘Forbidden’ Fruit that has Propagated
    The Human Species For Basic Survival
    For Any Chance At Thrive At All.. True the
    Favorite Fruit of Both «Adam And Eve» Continuing
    Now The Apple of the Shadow of All Our Desires Fueling
    Libido Creativity and Productivity as the Human Race FireS oN..
    For Life Will Never
    Truly Become a Prayer
    Until We Become Not only
    Master Mind but Master HeART
    And Master Shadow too then only
    Will We Become Master Souls PaRT
    WHoLE oF ALL.. SMiLes my FRiEnD
    The ‘Sufi Mystics’ Understood this in practice through
    their Spiraling Life of Dance and Erotic Poetry Regulating
    Emotions Integrating Senses Becoming Masters of Their
    Shadow Parts of Aggression and Lust for Paradise Fuel
    To Rise as Master Shadow in Integrating Senses.. Master
    HeART in Spiraling Dance.. Yes.. Regulating Emotions
    From Head to Toe River Flow Ascending Transcending
    the Neo-Cortex of ReaSon WHere Master Shadow
    Master HeART Master Mind of ReaSoN becomes
    Whole Master Soul my FRiEnD ALL-N-ALL For
    Real God Head Capstone Pyramid from
    Head to toe as the Base of the Pyramid
    is only Held up By Rocks Yes Grains
    of Sand as the Pyramid of Agape
    Love Ascends From Love of
    Affection Above Below
    no Less important
    Than Eros
    That continues
    to even allow Us
    to Survive at All my FRiEnD..
    SMiLes.. my FRiEnD.. a Priest at the
    Church i continue to Study as a Participant
    Anthropology Observer no Different than some
    Folks who have come into my Life in ATTemPTS
    to Play With my Shadow with the Illusion that somehow
    they are Mastering my HeART.. Yes.. i asked the Priest
    About the Story Book Hero ‘Jesus’ and His Experience of
    Eros Love after the Priest aTTempted to Describe the Difference
    Between Love of Eros.. Love of HeArT and Agape Love in Spiritual
    Love For All that Exists one in Being DiViNE Where All DarK Thru LiGhT
    Becomes Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose We Co-Create With
    Relative Free Will as PaRT oF Nature WHoLE.. Well He Said NO Jesus didn’t
    have anything to Do With Eros Love.. Wasn’t Part of His Human «GoD Pie» and
    at that Moment
    i understood
    How Truly
    Lost the
    Priest was/is
    and How he Chose
    a Profession that didn’t
    include the Full Option to Be
    Part of Nature Whole As Some
    Folks Describe with a Three Letter
    Word as Small as ‘GoD».. Smiles my
    FRiEnD there is not even anything Close
    to Reaching the God Head the metaphor
    of the Capstone of the Pyramid until one
    Masters the Grains of Sand that Hold up
    the Entire Pyramid of Our Existence in Life
    The Forbidden Fruit Our HeART’S Desire
    Our Lust For Life that We should never
    Have to Be Afraid of Hiding Naked
    From the Rest off Humankind
    Free and True when Humans
    Needed Each other Before
    Technology and Hoarding
    Grains in Silos Before
    the Industrial and Tool Age
    Took that Away all there was separating
    Us from Life and Death was the Warm Hugs
    Above and the Hot Tools of Life Below that never
    Could and Never Will Get Enough for A Lust of Life that is Real..
    Smiles my FRiEnD i am not Afraid of the ‘Players’ of life for i understand
    to Live…
    i too will play
    the Game but i for
    one am Master Soul
    of All Three Games my FRiEnD
    in other words.. i never have anything to Lose by ‘playing’..
    The Great ‘thing’ About Writing Erotic Poetry as i’ve written
    95,000 Words or so of it totally letting go exploring every nook
    and cranny as ‘they’ say too.. is no one will be harmed it is only
    Shadow Play THere are no HeARTS to Hurt and there is still the
    Ascending Transcending of the ReaSon Mind the Neo-Cortex to
    Escape the Past and Future to finally Let go of Worry as usually
    That is all ‘the Player’ is looking for an escape from the Newest Monkey
    Mind the Mind of Past and Future the Worry Mind that just will not stop chattering…
    Oh how Deep
    the Shadow
    Grows And Goes
    Free When We Let it
    All go Naked And Free
    With All the Passions of
    Lust Set Free in the Words
    We Co-Create that will only set
    the Environment Correct for others
    to partake in the Divine Shadow the Prayer
    for Survival the Gift of Life We All Are my FRiEnD
    Some folks might say you are Brave to Write Poetry
    Like this as a Woman.. i Dance Sing You Are Eve You Are Divine
    Woman Now You are the Source of all Humankind from Beginning to
    End and Beginning Again.. Smiles my FRiEnD i have also Observed
    This Magic Spell up close as a Participant Anthropology Observer
    but in deed
    Never really
    Been Part of
    the Game only What
    A Master Soul Will Be Able
    to Do who Has Already Passed
    Above Master Shadow Master HeART
    And In Deed What those Two will Bring Master Mind
    So God Head Capstone of the Pyramid Agape Love
    Will Be Master Soul
    my FRiEnD
    in Deed of
    God FRiEnD
    Free Within Flesh and Blood Real my FRiEnD..
    Where All of Existence Becomes A Prayer of DarK Thru LiGHT
    Real.. SMiLes i will You Keep You In this Prayer that i Extravert too
    For Your Swift Recovery From Your Illness Dear FRiEnD THeRE are
    Humans like me Who See All Humans as A Prayer Worth Worshipping DarK Thru
    LiGhT my FRiEnD..
    And of Course
    The Trees the
    the Stars
    Beyond Below
    What is beneath
    Grains of Sands
    that Hold Up an Entire
    Mountain of Human Love the Shadow
    my FRiEnD The Base of the Pyramid oF ALL our Existence Real…
    Thanks For Bringing ‘the Apple Back’ What is Lost most in a Machine
    Age of Humans Now..
    for it is True
    it is much
    more than
    A Photograph
    my FRiEnD it
    is the Breath oF All Life…
    The Existence.. The Gift We all Are Now The Prayer That is
    Real to Feel And Sense So much more too than Just Word THiNK..
    However.. You come You come Very Close to MaKinG Words Organic
    Keep Up the Good Works..
    True there is
    Than Erotic Poetry mY FRiEnD..
    It is the One Poem We Rarely Forget..
    Surely Millions of ‘First Baptist Women’ Can’t Be ‘Wrong’
    In All ‘their Participation’ of ’50 Shades of Grey’ and Sure
    the Movie «Magic Mike XL» too as i remember ‘them’ standing
    UP at the end of that Movie saying wait until i get home to ‘See’ ‘my Husband’
    of course
    only in
    Flesh as
    Magic Mike XXL
    is the Lover they Will FeeL Next..
    Humans aren’t that hard to Love
    Once You Understand All Three
    Parts of their Potential Master Soul..
    Like a Prayer
    That is
    MaGiC iN Deed..
    iMaGiNaTioN Beyond
    iNFiNiTY ALL MeaSuRE
    of Distance Space Time (Creativity)
    And Matter Our LiNK Our ReaL DReAM is (GoD)
    So Much More Than Just one Human Mind mY
    FRiEnD ALL That Is Truly Real NoW Ever Evolving ExPaNdinG ALL Now..:)

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  3. Wonderful and amazing Lillian! You breathe life into your words so they explode on the page in beautiful ways. Keep writing and painting Lillian. Both are good to help us through hard times, sickness. I do hope you are feeling better these days. My prayers are with you Lillian, I hope you are having a wonderful day!!😁😸😻⛄🎄

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