A feeling…

A feeling

embraces my

heart and soul

where my spirit

hunts around

in eternity for


then I realize

…I wanting what

does not exist…


Quote about life

…I can feel it in my heart…

…I can feel it in my soul…

– sometimes people touch me so much that I just have to let them know about it-

– Sometimes I never let them out of my heart again-




….If I only could turn back time…..




I got a challenge from one of my aunt children. She took a picture from somewhere near where we lived , and I think it is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric.

So I got the picture and the challenge was to write some words to it.

You gave your aunt a tough challenge but I love it, thank you very much.


A friendship is like two old chairs

always side by side


welcomes you when you fall

and you get peace in your mind.


Quote: Love…

(Only in English)

Poem dikt love orkidedatterart norwegian blogger Norway prosaistforfatter

Sometimes it just takes a little kindness

from one hurting soul to another

to change us forever…

quot: – Karen Kostyl-


My heart and my soul could really feel these words…and I think to my self:

-Because from every wound

there’s a scar…

and every scar…

tells a story…

Time does not always heal all wounds, but I learn to live with the scars ..