Kissing the sky

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-Kissing the sky-

words ran out of his masculine mouth like a

river of stones

«Kissing the sky»

I could feel the changes of the breeze from

falling sparkling stars from our solar system

in this night of symphony

tears in heaven writing through the trees

I read the signs from you

it’s feels like I’m dreaming

I can still feel your warmth from your body

when you dying in my arms

and your Venus lost her mind…

I cry…I scream…

I fight every heart string within not to feel

…they said it will be ok…

I scream louder things I shouldn’t have done…

but, have you ever been so shattered,

feels like nobody is listening….

«Kissing the sky» the wind blows in my ear…

The pain.. I’m losing control..

my heart is devastated

my soul is splintred

I’m lost without you

back to war zone..

wishing I could push a button and my life

would unwind

a revolution in my thoughts

you was my diamond

I am at the bottom now

laying on the ground with your picture in my


where the midnight and my sadness meet

rewinding our lives

no memories can get you back…

don’t cover my scars

let them bleed

it feels like I’m dreaming

watching a bird in flight to my

burning flame of pain inside

you are coming to take me home

we are kissing the sky

in a darkened road

where no Angels dare to go…


12 kommentarer om “Kissing the sky

  1. SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchid Daughter..
    There are some Loves that are so easy
    so rare yet may be taken for granted for
    Human Nature Just gets comfortable in a Groove this way..
    then Tumultuous Waves Seas Rough Oceans Grey Rumbles of
    Soul where Darkness
    Mixes in Love to the
    Point that all is
    one finds
    themselves unable
    to escape from particularly
    if they are forgiving Souls..
    Who Just will not Give up now
    on Love no matter how MiSSinG
    to Grey Seas Love is lost.. Smiles
    the Love of my Soul castaway for Long
    the Love of other Souls Lost somewhere
    too there are those matches that Never Spark
    Together As Flames Should.. only Flickers of Life Left..
    i’m glad i understand the Depths and Shallows of so Much
    of the Human Soul How Fortunate are we to be in a place Where
    Love is Real…
    True there
    are some
    Who Remind
    Us of Who We are
    And true those Souls
    are the Ghosts of Love
    We Bring Back to Art.. i’ve
    been sick with the Flu for 5 Days
    now and so has my Wife all we’ve
    really had the Strength to do is Hug each
    Other.. True.. there are some Flu’s That Are
    the Greatest BLeSSinGS of Love too.. for what
    Stands underneath our Love… and remains through all Storms of Soul..:)

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  2. This poem brings back such feelings for me as years ago my fiance died, words sometimes seem meaningless at such times, but yet hope continues just as life itself, always there is hope. Wonderfully written Lillian! I hope you have been doing well these days and able to enjoy some milder winter days.😁😸⛄

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    1. Hi Steve, nice to see you… I’m sorry for your loss, and I am agree, it seem meaningless sometimes, and a human never know how to be strong before that is the only choice you have…
      I hope you are good🌹
      Yes, it is some milder winterdays now… but it is windy….
      Take care my friend😊

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      1. Hi Lillian, great to hear from you again. I’m doing much better although I slipped and fell the other day which kind of slowed things down a bit. But I should be back to normal walking again by mid February so that is nice.
        We have some terrible cold weather now, good days to stay inside with some hot coffee!😀☕
        I hope you are doing well, have a wonderful day!😁😸⛄😻

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