Angel of death

(English text after the Norwegian text)

Hun ligger i en seng av drømmer

av mareritt

som en bølge på havet

hennes hår hviler på puta

hun ser ut som en engel

var det noen som sa

kanskje dødens engel

hun kan høre sin sjel hviske

ditt navn

hun har mistet grepet

hul innvendig

salte dråper triller fra hennes

øyne av ærlighet

minner av deg dekker

hennes hjerte

konstant smerte

vil det noen sinne slutte

å gjøre vondt

hver tanke er skygget av deg

hun tar tak i en nål og tråd

prøver å sy igjenn hennes arr

hun vil aldri føle seg såret igjen.



Angel of death

She is laying in a bed of dreams

of nightmares

like a wave on the ocean her

hair rests on the pillow

she looks like an angel

someone said

maybe the angel of death

she can hear her soul whisper

your name

she has lost her way

hollow inside

salty drops falling from her

eyes of honesty

memories of you cover her heart

constant pain

will it ever stop hurting

every thought is shadowed by you

she grabs a needle and thread

tries to sew her scars

she will never feel hurt again.


27 kommentarer om “Angel of death

  1. SMiLes i’ve Seen ‘this Angel of Death’ Down Close and
    Personal too.. no one sees this Angel of Death for
    This Death is Within A Lack of Feeling/Sensing
    Complete This Death is attached to Symbols
    Flesh and Blood now..
    Smiles my Friend Now
    i Dance all the Angels
    of Death Away They
    Were only iLLusions
    As they become
    only i own
    my Spirit Now
    my HeART my Soul
    i choose to give and
    share breathing no one will ever
    take away what was is always now
    mine from Birth to Give and Share Now
    Free A Key is RiSinG Over SiNKinG A Dance
    And Song of Soul Will Feel And Fill a Pyramid
    Up to Wisdom Beauty and Truth of Love Capstone Again Light Within..
    After That Those who Choose Communion With Us/me Will or Will not..:)

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      1. SMiLes
        my Friend
        You Welcome
        me.. Sadly i Find
        Most of
        World Disappointing
        This Way Never the less i
        Understand why and
        Who has a Gift to
        Free no
        Arms of
        Humanity Warm
        Or Cold Alive Now..
        It is always those
        Who Give and
        Share no
        Who Truly
        Live Life as Gift..:)

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  2. she can hear her soul whisper/your name

    What a beautiful image! I just couldn’t stop thinking about what that must feel like and what that must sound like. So poignant! Really well done! Ugh. and the title! And the picture! How moving!

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    1. Awe, you made my day complete❤️wow, thank you so much for your feedback. Awe, you tuch my soul with your words, because this poem means something extra special to me and then it is extra touching what you say about it.
      Thank you.


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