Nobody knew how much she blamed


she can’t breath in the end of the midnight

moonlight show her the path

she can’t get him out of her mind

one picture bringing back so

many memories

she can’t breath in the end of the midnight

she can hear the angels voice

a silent Lullaby

he is her univers

she is just a little human on earth

dancing with the moonlight shadow



pain – tasted blood

shoot her, the voice of the death said

she believe – hell is all she catch

the devils Lullaby is awakening

nobody gonna miss her

crawling on the floor

single bourbon on ice

a perfect storm in her head mixed with

a destroyed Lullaby on her jukebox

’cause this is where the country girl

slips away

she has bucked off.


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      1. Yes, it is, many people say exactly the same words. It is a little farm too.
        I have one friend and she sits on the couch dreaming away when she looks out the window …. 😀


  1. i remember Renee An Only Friend in
    College Younger than me looking for
    a Friend a Man Trust Worthy Enough not
    to Harm Her Fast Forward to her Twenties
    A Revolver A Suicide in Her Father’s Bed
    Images of a Mother Loved
    By Two Children
    And A Husband
    A Woman i once
    Dreamed to be a Potential
    Eventual Wife of mine yet Destroyed
    By The Cold Tool of a Father Before she
    Reached Twenty Years Old.. And yes By
    Grandfather too.. as a Vicious Cycle of Destroying
    Souls oF LiGht With Tools of Greed and Pain to own
    What is not Theirs Alive… so Many Other stories Half of
    The Women in my Life who sought out a Different Light
    Broomsticks of Uncle Dancing Little Nieces of Innocence
    Oh the Pain
    of Objects
    of Greed
    And Hatred
    of Rampage
    Tools of Pain
    And then the Hand
    of that Fat Old Man who
    Worked With my Wife who Put
    His Hand on Her Leg too afraid to
    tell me that i might Kill Him With my
    Bare Hands.. smiles he did it while i was
    Ill and shut-in i arose With The Strength of
    Five and More Men His Size confronted him
    in Public Just speaking i had been thinking about
    him a lot lately letting him know for sure i knew
    what he did with a firm handshake he will never
    Forget with wonder of what might or could come next..
    i have
    no Room
    For Bullies
    i have no Room
    for those Who Hate
    With Fear and Rape
    With Pillage The Shadow
    that Lives at the Top of American
    Politics for all to see and Copy of
    the Dark Side of Humanity the ‘Men’
    Who Kill with tools other wise Used
    for Beauty of Love Men Who Never Grow
    up Men who will always be less than Men Whole…
    Smiles i was lucky my Father Left Early and My Mother Taught me
    how to
    be a Real
    Man The
    Grace and
    Foundation of
    Love all that Holds
    the Will and Strength
    of a Man Together Truly
    Fearless unafraid to Give instead of Rape..
    It’s true Lillian i am a Man yet i cannot erase
    Images Images of those Who are Harmed by Never Men..
    i will never be quiet i will never Stand Still When ‘Boys’ like that are Worshipped like God.

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    1. This was a very strong read. I felt it depth in my heart. It is hard to swollow and a tear in my eyes is words from my soul that my mouth can’t tell❤️
      I deeply appreciate your honesty and words from your heart.
      Take care.

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  2. Whenever I read your poems, I really forget that you don’t have English as your mother tongue. I mean, your control of the language and the words is so fluent.
    The poem is amazing like each and every one of yours is. 😃

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    1. Thank you my friend. Well, that is true and first write in Norwegian and translate to English is very challenging because the language loses much of its meaning … now I mostly write only in English and get help from people around me or from books ..but, ofcourse, I spend a lot of time on this…
      I am so glad yoy like my poems, thank you so much❤️


  3. Very touching and deep as usually dear Lillian! The struggle can be felt and the images are dawn so beautifully 👍 like your drawing I believe in the featured image 😊
    Hope you are good and all is great at your end 😊❤️

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