The Dark Prince

She hear you shouts at night and

Your voice is filled with grief.

Her curtain fluttering and

she can feel

your breath

She lift her heand to her heart,

and it`s like drums

 and she can’t

stand still.

Her spirit dances in flames

along with

demons and elves

in the night sky.

She follows you wherever you go

She needs you and admires you, take

her with you.

She’s yours

She has nothing to be afraid of.

You’re not dangerous.

The Dark prince comes closer with his

violent tongue.

You scream her name.

She continues to dance around in sircles.

The wind grabs her soul

 and you grab her heart.

Her spirit stops for a moment.

Need help from the goodness of light,

cherishes for her freedom,

 but she can`t resist your beauty.

Your poisonous heart is like a snake

who wrapped around her

and she can’t breathe.

Please, put an end to her pain.

You laugh and throw off your shadow.

In the flames you grow large and powerful.

She’s lost.

She’s yours

Spirit and soul,

believe and fight

live and die.


16 kommentarer om “The Dark Prince

  1. Fire is Beauty
    So Is Ice Now
    Beauty Burns
    So Does Fire Yes
    Ice is Beauty is Fire
    WHeRe Fire And Ice
    Meet Sparks Release
    Hehe so much easier
    to just be Friends Said
    Fire to Ice As Fire Replies
    Ice Yes
    NoW as a
    Dance and
    Song of Fire
    And Ice Plays
    Longer than ever before..:)

    Likt av 1 person

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