Unwritten destiny.

Inferno in her heart

her sacred black rose of

darkness are being colder

inhaling the scent of her essence

under the moon of shaken sadness

she is dancing with her archangel

our bodies getting drunched in

Angels tears from heaven

make her scream your name

in vain across your black eyes

penetrate her soul

her pain are the echoes of

dust you can hear rattle within

with a wolf heart she has

been thrown out to the pack

fighting for life unwritten destiny

in her chapter of love

the unspoken voice in the soulless wind

changing her shadow

her spirit of the darkened path

perhaps she will return leading the pack…


27 kommentarer om “Unwritten destiny.

  1. Such deep poetry Lillian, so much pain and sorrow and the images just come through so full and clear, and at the end, return in triumph, strong and full of hope for the future. That is so amazing how well you portray it all, very well done Lillian!!

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  2. THere is No Lust for Freedom that Equals
    An Immigrant from an Oppressed Land
    Who Finds that Freedom in a New Land
    There is No Lust For Love that Equals What A Devil
    Misses of Love Behind An Opaque Window of a Living
    Hell the Freedom
    That Allows us to
    Express All of Who
    We Are the Arms and
    Eyes of a Loving Child
    The Desire of Who We Most
    Want to Love The Desire to Love
    All that is once Again.. Smiles my Friend
    Lillian it is often A Lone Wolf Who Loves the Most
    A Howl
    A never
    Call For
    A Full Moon
    of Hope that
    Refuses to be
    Put out by Weaker
    Wolves of Hope.. Weaker
    Wolves Whose Fire of LusT
    has been put out of LiVinG
    Soul Loving All of Life NoW

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  3. Sometimes we must walk the path of darkness and sorrow prior to rise stronger and more powerful 👍 beautiful words perfectly expressed dear Lillian ❤️
    Hope your weekend was great 😊

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    1. Aww, thank you my friend❤️yes, you absolutely right.
      I am so happy for you read it and your comment. It means a world to me❤️
      My weekend was great, thank you.
      I hope your weekend was too😊⭐️
      Enjoy your evening.

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  4. her sacred black rose… also the ending! What lovely imagery! I just stopped and read those lines over and over again! So powerful and moving!!! ❤ ❤

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