The silence of the forest.

Me and my little family went out into the forest today.

We were just going to be with the «silence of the nature»

I open the car door and felt the clean energy of the forest fill me up immediately.

I looked down on the ground where I was just about to put my foot down. There on the ground, there were many ants, so there was one jump and bounce and Lillian was safely on a rock.

My husband understood he didn’t have to ask me for help, and he fixed everything. My son laughed and looked at me and we laughed even more.

I spend some time on an outside meditation and looking curiously at my husband. Our son and he was fishing.

My mind never rest and words and pictures begin to take shape. I have to write down the words and enter wildly on the phone.

I meet the gaze of my husband and his bright blue eyes sparkles towards me. He has already been tan and his strong arms pulsating towards me .

He reads my body language and how I smile at him. He understands what happens in my heart and mind.

I sit on the stone and write and put a strawberry into my mouth.

He comes to me, whispers something in mye ear, and I love it when he does that. I hide the rest of the strawberries.

I grab his arms and put them around me and I felt his heart rhythm.

I did not finish the poem..but I got the forest’s clean air in my lungs, the water’s energy and be with those who mean everything to me.

..and I have smiled and laughed a lot ..

We get a trout, who came home with us.

And I… I know what to do with the rest of the strawberries tonight 😉



103 kommentarer om “The silence of the forest.

  1. This is a great therapy and a great way to heal and relax 😊 the photos are breathtaking and glad you had some laughs and smiles 🌞 guess it will be some night haha 😉
    Enjoy your weekend 💕

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      1. He can be a brat when he wants to. He made my cursor go away the other day! There I was trying to type and I had no cursor on my screen so I couldn’t see where I was typing… who does that?!!

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      2. Will you write a poem about it? That one should be very interesting.. 😉 Just Kidding! Now you know how I felt when my cursor disappeared! Hey… maybe it was Steve?? He can do that stuff you know!
        I need to go get the rest of my groceries. I’ll be back in a few hours!

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      3. Huh? Why? On second thought that might make me blush… Oh well I guess I’ll just need to use my own imagination then base on your other poems… 😉 Those even made me blush a little! 😉

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  2. Hi Lillian! Wow, what a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy nature at it’s best! Fantastic pictures just made me want to be there enjoying such quiet solitude. Thanks for sharing your trip to the forest today. I hope you have a wonderful evening/night!😄🌙😸

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      1. That’s what I used to do, take some coffee to a nice quiet forest spot by a lake and enjoy the beauty of nature, meditate and just get so relaxed and refreshed. I could dream about that spot you showed in your pictures, looked perfect. Good night!🌙

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  3. Beautifil shots, a heart filling read, the connection with nature and love made this read really soothing, loved it. Enjoy, wishing you a great day. 🙂

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    1. Cezane, my heart is always so grateful to you. Thank you so much🦋I am so glad my post speak to you that way. It means a lot to me, I hope you know that.
      From a girl in Norway to a beautiful soul with a desire to send you a hug with the wind over land and ocean if I am allowed🦋
      I really appreciate your support.
      Enjoy your day.


  4. Lovely pictures, Lillian. You definitely live in a beautiful place with such wild nature. I am so glad you are able to enjoy all this beauty with your husband and your son. A very nice post!

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