My inspiration today…

(This post is only in English)

I am at my cabin on Easter holiday, and it is lovely weather.

Bring the dogs out for a walk down the river is like cleaning my soul.

To listen to the water that trickles and look at the clear ice water where the snow has melted makes me grateful to be able to experience just that.

The sun warms and I can glimpse the autumn’s old foliage that protrudes under the snow.

I play with one of my dogs and all the peace. The only thing that breaks the silence is the bird whites from the little birds in the trees and the great white majestic swans in the water.

The water sparcles in the sun from the opening in the ice and it is as if nature is talking to me. The water tells a story that comes to life in my mind.

I go back to my cabin. Produces pen and paper and puts me in the sofa corner and feels inspired to write s poem or write a short story or actually an erotic short story on this Saturday night.

I let the pen play over the paper …

I wish you all out there a wonderful Saturday, maybe it is Sunday where you live🦋



29 kommentarer om “My inspiration today…

    1. Thank you for your kind and lovely words🦋I am so glad that my words speak to you the way they do🦋because it is warm my soul with your feedback.
      Wow, I never seen the word beautiful in this way you write it, and I just love the way. Thank you🦋Enjoy your day🦋

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  1. The traveler is known by the photo. Without any given that you are enjoying a wonderful stay by the sight of those magnificent photos. Nothing like enjoying writing under the silence of nature. A good Sunday and a happy writing.

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    1. Yes, it is, you are absolutely right🦋I love the nature and use it to get inspiration, meditation and yoga or draw and paint in it. The silence is wonderful🦋Thank you for your read, and I wish you a lovely sunday🦋


    1. Thank you for your kind words🦋I really appreciate your read and time. Yes, it is so peaceful and lovely here. I love the mountain and the river.
      May I ask you where in Canada you live?
      I have family in Edmonton, Red Lake, Toronto, Ottawa and and in an Native American Reserve in Alberta.. I love the nature there in Rocky Mountain, Banff, Lake Louise, Morraine Lake, Jasper and the citylife in Edmonton…I have a dream to go back over there, but this summer my family come to us in Norway.
      Enjoy your day🦋

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      1. I live in Kenora Ontario, which is not really that far from Red Lake, unless there is another Red Lake somewhere. Very rocky hills and many lakes around here and beautiful forest. I have lived here most of my life though originally I am from Winnipeg. I like it here except for the long winters and this winter is the longest since 1963 according to official weather records.🌲😃

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      2. Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate. Winnipeg? Wow, I have a old aunt there. She was married to my uncle. Well, I can understand about the winters very well. I heard from my family that it was weather records.
        Thank you again, and enjoy spring is coming, I really hope so. I looking forward to read and see your pictures on your blog🦋

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    1. Hello, and good afternoon (in Norway it is afternoon).
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words, you know, they mean a lot to me and my heart is filled with joy.🦋Right now I’m very much out in this nature and yesterday I was even higher up in the mountain. It is an amazing experience, presence and peace in my soul.
      I really appreciate your time to read and support. I wish you a wonderful day filled with joy🦋


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