Olsok: A summernight

Olsok is the celebration of (Olav den hellige) Olav the Saint’s death at Stiklestad (Trondheim) July 29, 1030. An important part of Norway’s history.

(Poem in English text after Norwegian text).

Hennes norske blod

rødt som kveldssolen

renner i hennes vikingårer

som er like blå som isbreen

hennes hud er melkehvit

som den kalde vintersnøen

hun danser mellom fjell og

daler der fossefall bruser

nedover til fjorden

en sommerkveld med blomster i håret

lett kjole som blafrer i vinden

hun er som en nyutspringet svart

rose med et hint av rødt mørke

har tent et bluss

har vunnet et slag

det knitrer i gledesbålet

med et merke av kjærlighet

som regnbuens tegn under skyene

så unik som hvert et snøfnugg

svømmer hun under stjernene

i nattens månelys i

romantikkens hav.



Her Norwegian blood

red as the evening sun

runs in her viking veins

which is as blue as the glacier

her skin is milky white

like the cold winter snow

she dances between mountains

and valleys where waterfalls

flow down to the fjord

a summer night with flowers

in the hair

a dress that flutter in the wind

she is like a fresh blossoming

of black roses with a touch

of red darkness

has lit a flame

has won a battle

it crackles in the joyful fire

with a mark of love

like the rainbow signs under

the clouds

as unique as every snowflake

she swims under the stars

in the moonlight of the night

in the ocean of romance.


42 kommentarer om “Olsok: A summernight

  1. The poem is so very beautiful Orkidedatter!
    I don’t know how to wish you on this day… How do you celebrate? Or is it a day of mourning?
    (I am so sorry if I have unknowingly hurt the sentiments…)
    Warm regards!
    Have a great week ahead!

    Likt av 1 person

    1. You don’t hurt anything my friend.. ❤️These days, almost nothing is celebrated, and an evening of family and good food is it to me… but I think it is important to remember in our history and to read the shelf a little extra today, but there are actually flags in Norway …
      In some places in Norway, the day is celebrated with plays (theater)and Vikings and joy and fun…
      I wish you a wonderful week❤️


      1. Hei igjen = hello again.
        Tusen takk = thank you.
        Jeg er takknemlig for dine gode ord = I am grateful for your kind words.
        Ta vare på deg selv = take care


    1. No need to apologize to you, I understand it well …
      Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me🌸
      And yes, but, I improve my english, so it is ok, but ofcourse, it takes a little bit longer time… and often it not means the same and it is a lot challenging, now I usually just write in english..
      In my book (poetry collection) coming soon, it will be published in both languages.. so now I sit and translate English to my own language… who should know😂but I am grateful that I will get my own book in both language…
      Take care.

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  2. That is such a beautiful poem Lillian!! As always your words give such a wonderfully vivid image as I read along. I thoroughly enjoyed this today and getting to know a bit more of Norwegian history too. I love your poems Lillian, keep writing and I hope this is a great day for you!😃🌞😺🌳

    Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you Steve, I hope you know how important this feedback was to me right now, I deeply appreciate your encouragement⭐️
      We keep writing😉but I have to leave now, busy day.. I visit you tomorrow my friend😺take care⭐️

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  3. Romance Stormy Summer
    Nights Within Fall of Spring
    Winter’s Hope
    Summer’s Breath
    Burns Alive Desire
    Reaching Out Touching
    Hands of His or Hers as Theirs
    Together Never Separating EYes of Love
    On Fire
    Forever Wide
    EternAlly Now For Real…
    SMiLes Dear Lillian What A Gift
    Love Blossoms out to be When
    Romantic Fires Union A Love Ever
    More to Be All Trust Never FearS AGAiN
    FriEnDS A GReaTeST
    Romance Letting go
    of bought and sold
    When No Longer
    Owner Ships
    of other
    Storms of
    Summer Eyes…
    TeMPesT BRiGHT
    DaRK NiGHTS LoVE BLeeDS Free…
    Smiles Lillian Art at Best is Reproductive
    Yes Creative For instance imagine how many
    Children Elton John Songs inspire/sire along a way
    of His Career no matter laying a Reproductive Finger
    on Couples He helps Journey their Way Firing Romance
    of Foreplay for Success in mold of Relationships old and
    Fires in
    Breathing New Love
    in other Words Thanks
    for inspiring me to create
    Words Reflecting a Love that
    my Wife and i Share.. it’s true
    she won’t understand A Word of
    it as Metaphor is verily not her Forte…
    on the other hand i will copy and Paste
    it for someone else some other Day for their Love to Flower..
    i don’t understand MaKinG Money For Art above and beyond
    Basic Subsistence but what i do understand IS A Force of Love
    Art Creates…
    Fuel for
    Life my
    We Paint
    as Brush
    Master Peace
    Winds Never EnDinG STaRTinG NoW..:)

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