My little «pearl» in Norway

Today’s dose of nature’s own energy.

I can breathe again

from the beauty of the water I let my dark

thoughts float down with the river

they end up in the ocean somewhere

they fade on their journey

I hope I never meet them again

I watch the sky, blue and beautiful, but

sometimes it is dark and powerful.

My feelings running through my veins, fast

and furious. It can be powerful too.

Sometimes it scares me

Sometimes I can reflect

Sometimes I can look back

Sometimes I can look forward

Sometimes I just want to be in the

presence of nature.

Often I dream

Often I don’t want to come back to my life

Often I hope my life is a fairytale in a

horror movie, but my life

is real.


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  1. We cant control feelings, it is so difficult maybe some people can, but it is good to feel something even if its pain or happiness. Looks like you got a little friend with you, how cute❤💙🧡💛💚another meaningful peom, and i really like pictures, but i prefer your paintings😊🤗

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    1. Thank you Ilona❤️I am agree, and it is so good to feel all the emotions and let them go…
      yes, it is one of my dogs.
      I appreciate your kind words of my poem, and I prefer my art too, but this time I want to show you my happy place❤️
      Enjoy your day my friend❤️

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  2. Nature Bless You my Friend
    For Please Understand when
    i Say Friend and Nature there is
    No Separation for i See i Union
    i Give Great Thanks and Praise
    to all that is Dark thru Light of Nature
    Less and More my Friend With no Fear
    With All Respect Yes with All Thanks And Praise
    i name
    Without Veils
    of Ignorance For
    All i Feel And Sense
    to Be Real to Be Dark to
    Be Lust to Be Passion oF all
    Emotions and Senses that Rise Love
    This Life For what it is a Mystery Now
    That continues to unfold Beyond And
    In our EYes Now Below as Well my Friend You
    Are Courageous You Are Brave You Are Real
    For You
    Tell not
    only this part
    or that part of the
    Human Story with
    the Rest Hidden Under
    Veils of Ignorance now too
    Weak and Coward to come
    Out as Art of Soul for All that is
    THiS Existence We Co-Create Now
    Keep Writing Painting Your Story my Friend i Like
    You You Are Nature i give Great Praise and Thanks
    for YouR Existence.. i call You God SaMe as the Tree
    in my Back Yard
    and less than
    a Grain
    of Sand
    That Verily
    Will Hold up
    a Human of
    Love and or a Human
    of Hate as thiS Existence
    Just is NoW All That is Now i am..:)

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  3. Beautiful words, stunning place, and so must honesty! I have to confess that I often have similar feelings and emotions… I love your reference to
    ‘thoughts float down with the river

    they end up in the ocean somewhere

    they fade on their journey’

    You know Lillian I still have the habit of picking s flower or s leaf and through it to the river with that same wish in my mind and heart…

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful and kind words.
      I really love the way that you picking flower or leaf and through it to the river, it is more real when you use the flower or leafs… good idea… thank you.
      Enjoy your day.

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  4. That is such a lovely looking spot Lillian!! I can see why you like it so much, there is nothing like a quiet place in nature to relieve stress and get rid of feelings/emotions and let them drift away. Looks like the water is flowing quickly in the river producing a strong current there. I always enjoy sitting beside a lake or river and just think for a while until stress disappears from view. Lovely poem Lillian, goes so well with your pictures and so vividly expressed with your words. Enjoy your evening Lillian!!😄🌞😸

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  5. As usual, Lillian, you have the power of words! Life, a fairytale in a horror movie, amazing ☺️ and yes, however life is, it is real and it is yours. I wish your dark thoughts fade away for ever.
    Nice pictures too❤️

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  6. Hey✨👏 That was so good, The pictures were too good and a match for your beautiful lines. Nature 🥰😍 . And your meaningful poem, Indeed our life is real, nothing wrong to have a life in imagination and everyone wishes to be in their fairy tale dreams 😉 But Life is real have to face anyway ✨ Have a good day ✨✍️

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  7. I felt your strong feelings which coincides with such beautiful pictures of your homeland. I am certainly awestruck. This post was a heartfelt piece of unending beauty.

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