Today it is

Norway’s National Day

Happy birthday Norway and everyone who is living in this beautiful country full of its charm with mountains and fjords, sea and oceans and an adventure of forest and nature there all fairy tales of trolls, elves and gnomes live.

When I see you as my country, Norway

with beautiful mountains and deep


wild and beautiful and friendly and love

I feel a joy where the Norwegian birch

forest meets my eyes

and in myself I know deeply of the quiet

forest and the great sea

the shadows shining on the silence of the

water in the colorful fairway of the


beautiful meadows with flowers put

their evening dew in their robes

a summer night with the northern lights

dancing in the sky and my spirit resting

in the breeze of the Norwegian wind.



I will make me a great day, and I log off to celebrate with those who mean everything to me❤️

I wish you a wonderful day too🦋

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      1. I am so so sorry Nathan, my heart is crying. I found this comment in my spam box and I don’t know why. My computer is broken, I am borrow my friends computer now to check it….
        Wow, if you come to Norway, I will take good care of you and show you small pearls of my country. I am sure you and I will have the time of our life.
        Enjoy you day Nathan.

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      2. That’s ok! Don’t worry about it!!! I’m glad you found it!

        And yes!!! That sounds very lovely!! We definitely will have to do that!!!

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  1. Happy Norway Day Lillian and I’m glad you’ve chosen to go technology free to celebrate your beautiful country and to enjoy face to face time with family & friends. Have fun! My message and thoughts will be waiting for you when you return. Xx

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  2. Wow. I really love this. I want to visit your country so badly. It seems like an amazing place. All the more amazing because you’re there! 🙂

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    1. I think you should visit Norway🦋it is so lovely. Thank you for your kind words, you make me blush…
      You can hardly imagine it, many hidden beautiful pearls here.
      I wish you a wonderful day.


  3. It’s such a beautiful country that it’s kind hard to belive Norway was one of the poorest countries last century. I met some Norwegians online, and they were always polite, intelligent and kinda bashful lol
    God bless Norway.

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      1. You are welcome. You too have a lovely day. If you find the time, please check out Mario’s musical piece «Gliding Grace», so beautiful:

        And I have written a quite extensive comment on his chapter 14 because Mario wants to know what we women think of his novel and how we perceive it from a female perspective. What do you think of my comment? Do you agree or do you have a different opinion?

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