Cherished memories of what could be…

Art: my own, orkidedatter

.. Cherished memories of what could be..

Scent of desire aroused his
mating season.
New Year is the time when all wolves
go wild with their insatiable hunger,
and me as a weak shattered she wolf
is the only thing he
can’t have,
can’t touch,
can’t lose control by tasting her
salty skin…
can’t meet her primal urges,
can’t hear her mouths moaning,
can’t pull her upon a pine to make him
came more alive..

He wished for to chase her,
close her darkness,
lick her wetness with his long
blue tongue,
and plunge into a swollen lust-filled riverbank
with shivering
diamond pearls bubling over of
relief down his bulged carnal desire…

…and she was only his imagination…



4 kommentarer om “Cherished memories of what could be…

  1. Touching Shadow

    Within Bringing Out
    The Call of The Wild

    Within Domesticated
    Humans Echoes Wild

    Life Deep Within Instinctually

    Exposing Now

    Pulse Quickening

    Life Force Remembering

    Heat of Spring New Coming From
    Winter Memory Fires Below Above

    Unbuttoning Freedom For All To See So Warm

    Flesh and
    Blood to Feel
    So Alive And Free

    All Senses Prickling
    So Much More Experience

    Of Life
    Back to
    Be As

    Wild Life
    Breathes Within Again
    Unleashing Releasing
    All Storms So Hid SMiLes

    Dear Lillian Orchard Daughter Indeed
    You Capture The Wolf’s Howl With SMiLes…

    Yet True Only A New Moon Dream Come Fully..:)

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      1. To Use A Well Worn
        Cliche Dear Lillian
        Letting Go And
        Fully Expressing
        Our Shadow Parts
        iS How Ice Princesses



        No Longer
        FroZen So Free

        Happy Winter Day
        Warm to You Amazing

        Norwegian Poetess With SMiles iNSPiRinG🙌❤️🏝

        Likt av 1 person

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