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  1. SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard Flower Nice
    So Nice to see You SMiLing Once Again

    And Yes KiSSinG BLiSSinG BLeSSinG

    So Much When Love Springs

    From DarK Thru Light

    To Dance And Sing

    Again So Free
    And Sensually
    Unwound to Dream Real

    What Touches Love So Intimately
    Hehe Yet in the Modern Dance Halls

    Not So Much Seen Anymore in Deep Romance
    In Fact More Often A Casual Grinding Dance What

    Used to Come
    Well After A First
    Kiss So Intimate With SMiLes

    Sadly Often Not Even Any Turning
    Around For Eye Contact Just Organs
    of Keys on Fire Below Just Drifting By

    For Another Connection to Make With
    So Many More Waves to Explore High And Low

    Yet KiSSinG BLiSSinG BLeSSinG

    So Intimate So Real Under the

    Valentine’s Tree

    Key to



    To Grow Above
    So Below Even More

    With Lasting SMiLes As New
    Love Ends What Ever Lasts is Warmth

    of Home



    A Touch of
    Love Still To Come With SMiLes..:)

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