Happy New Year

Thank you everyone⭐️

Thank you so much everyone one, for all your support, love and friendship, I’m beyond grateful❤️
Let’s start this new year with hope, strenght, care and let’s finished it with love and gratitude…
Don’t forget love dear readers, do small things with much love and live each day that someone will be thankful for who you are❤️


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From the north a butterfly in
winter land under the
Polar star in the elongated
small country

If you listen carefully you can hear
her wing stroke rises from a descending black
star from a nightmare visions
flash down below the abyss…

breaks through the chains from
a cage of
another day healing subconsciously
a picture of pain.

Bleeding memories and a battered
country girl,
but beautiful as the midnight sun…

strong as the Northern Lights
dances on the
black canvas of the sky,
she colors her soul’s
landscape of a ruin to an
architectural masterpiece.



-I see with my heart-
My own art
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Hell, can taste saintly

Hell can taste saintly…
I’m not an innocent girl,
to deal with me you have to be brave, you have to deal with your own darkness and the «devil’s back»…

Because this country girl from the frozen Arctic
has a dark secret you only can watch in her sapphire blue eyes if you dare…

-nobody has tried to… yet-

but, my ghostly demons are what drove him wild,
together with
my dangerous mind,
my sinful lips,
my heavy pain and
my sorrowful tongue
and craziness of a soul
and a cold heart from the past.

All my monsters of nightmarish origins from my cage within playing with a razor blade together with your voices in your head.

Feel the passionate pain,
touch my prism tears with your fingertips,
keep my Snow White body naked,
tie the diamond barbed wire around my neck and give me pleasure
like fire in the rabbit hole.

Kiss my mischievous eye spark,
be my Lucifer tonight…

-and as you look deep into her sapphire blue eyes,
you understand what made
you hungry about her
-and you are in trouble..



The mask of flame

My own art @orkidedatter_artist

A closed world and betrayed by all.

I`m cold and freezing, no one to hold me.

I lose my mind, accustomed to the concept of

being sad.

They took my body, slayed my joy of life.

Masks of dark shadows in the night, beckon in

the moonlight.

A mind molestad by malicious madness,

tearing me apart.

My deathly demise seems to be my embrace to

a better place.

The wolf`s heart trembles in misunderstood


The wings of the unknown demon strike me on

the cheek,

down my jaws to my spine and pain burned

like a hidden

love in disguise.

The mask of flame hunts me in the darkest

night, a ghost from

my past is back.

My heart is silent.

A beautiful silence in the middle of a black


A bloody fist, a broken mirror, my shadow is


Peripheral view moved along us, made to be


Bats piercing my mind with toxit tears and


I have no chance, everything is fake, cold and a

empty coffin

with human body dust.

My first breathe in this world and I was already


I am not a soul that is on a dead or alive


I am invisible and not worthy to breathe.

When the mask of flames ignite again….




OrkidedatterPicture is me…

(This is an acrostic poem)

~F R A G I L E~

F ear through glistening stars playing hide & seek in the darkness

R oars deep within her soul a thunderous deal of the devil’s rage

A ngels fighting inside her pounding heartbeats with the mystique from the broken dreams

G hostly they whirled around to find peace in a wrecked country girl

I mmersed with purple velvet in a coffin of crystal tears from a fallen warrior

L ying in the shade of her rose thorns of demons

E motions running wild in her veins like dark arrows pierced her mind.


Black pastel love

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I have a trumpet in my black pastel heart

a symphony in my chest

a melody of the colors of the rainbow flows

in my veins as creates a bridge to his soul

I fell in love with an aquarius under the

midnight sun

upon the mountain high

you gave me a summer kiss

your shimmering verses from your trembled

lips in the line with the shades of color of

heaven as an amethyst makes

waves of euphoria flowing over all

the pores of my body.

Your eyes danced solasta bright when

I took my feathers out from my long hair

to play it on your skin.

Your laughter tickled my heart strings and

you whispered to my Angels wings

«we are condemned to act in portrays of the

crystalline from ours cards of future»

My destiny from Cupid`s arrow is

written into my history of black pastel love.


Life seeds…

(This post in only in English)

(I’m not quite sure if you can read the text well in the picture, so I write it as well)…

As she saw the

shadows moving

slowly, so she felt her heartbeat in

her chest,

the moon’s magic myth spread around her

and she felt cold.

The shadows glanced around her heart,

the moonlight shining

on her face

writhing in pain,

and her soul fighting

for her juctice to

life that was about

to end. Worn she lay

on the ground

and scratched.

Into eternity she

was to win and

the seeds of

life were sown.



(English text after Norwegian text).

Mindfulness yoga psykisk helse mental health livskvalitet livsmestring norwegian blogger

Jeg har trent på Mindfulness en stund nå. Det tok meg tid å forstå og lære. Jeg har litt dårlig tolmodighet og ønsker at ting skal skje igår, om du skjønner.

Etter at jeg har blitt syk og ikke hadde det noe godt med meg selv ble jeg nødt til å gjøre noe. Jeg har alltid vært interessert i annerledes treningsformer og det åndelige i oss mennesker.

Det er ikke så annerledes nå og heldigvis mere anerkjent.

Uansett, jeg ble med på kurs både i yoga og mindfulness. Dette gikk ut på den praktiske delen og lite forklaring på hvorfor. Jeg savnet dette. Altså en dypere innsikt.

Når jeg skaffet meg denne har det gått lettere for meg.

Det jeg begynte med var grunnholdningene i Mindfulness:

  • vennlighet- ovenfor det jeg opplever, kritiske tanker, kroppsfornemmelser.
  • åpenhet- for det jeg har opplevd, tilstede med alt som dukker opp i oss selv.
  • nybegynnersinn- å oppleve det jeg sanser som om det var første gang.
  • tålmodighet- overfor meg selv og tanker, sammenligninger, følelser, sanser.
  • utholdenhet- anerkjenne hvordan det er akkurat nå uten å «flykte «.
  • mot- til å være bevisst i kontakt med det jeg opplever og konfrontasjoner av. sider ved meg selv som kanskje ikke jeg visste jeg hadde og som jeg unngår.

Jeg fant dette veldig utfordrende og tenkte «mørkt» med engang, men jeg gir ikke opp og ga det en sjangse. Jeg er dypt takknemlig for det.

Jeg har fått det mye bedre med meg selv psykisk, lytte og vende oppmerksomheten innover i meg selv, og blitt mye bedre på å stoppe opp i hverdagen, puste og sanse og skyve de mørke tankene vekk.

Hvordan: jeg ønsker tankene mine velkommen som om de skal være gjester i mitt hus hos meg. Tar de vennlig imot og når det er på tide å gå, sier jeg hyggelig farvel og lukker døra.

Det krever at du er god på å visualisere.




I’ve been training at Mindfulness for a while now. It took me time to understand and learn. I have a little bit of patience and want things to happen yesterday, if you understand.

After getting sick and not having any good with myself, I had to do something. I have always been interested in other and different types of training and the spiritual in us humans.

It’s not that different now and fortunately more recognized.

Anyway, I attended courses in both yoga and mindfulness. This went into the practical part and little explanation of why. I missed this. So a deeper insight.

When I got this, it’s been easier for me.

What I started with was the basics of Mindfulness:

  • Kindness – above what I am experiencing, critical thoughts, body sensations.
  • Openness – for what I have experienced, present with everything appearing in ourselves.
  • beginner’s experience of what I sense as if it were the first time.
  • patience – to myself and thoughts, comparisons, feelings, senses.
  • perseverance – recognize how it is right now without «fleeing.»
  • opposed to being conscious in contact with what I experience and confronting. pages of myself that maybe I didn’t know I had and which I avoid.

I found this very challenging and thought «dark» at once, but I don’t give up and gave it a chance. I am deeply grateful for that.

I have been getting much better with myself mentally, listening and turning my attention in myself, and becoming much better at stopping everyday, breathing and sensing and pushing away the dark thoughts.

How: I want to welcome my thoughts as if they are guests in my house with me. Taking them kindly and when it’s time to go, I say goodbye and close the door.

It requires you to be good at visualizing.