With my art I love to make people feel good, it’s the best feeling. That is my soul purpose as an artist.

To make people feel alive for a moment, make them feel that the time stopped for a while, something special and a unique experience…

Happy Friday everyone, make you a beautiful weekend, you deserve it❤️


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  1. Aww Nice to See You SMiLing
    Dear Lillian Orchard FLoWeR

    It Never Fails For All These

    Years i’ve Visited You HeaR

    The Connecting of Soul Words
    is MaGiC in Free Verse Poetry

    So Far Beyond Form

    So Close to


    Free Paradoxically
    Without Reasons Giving
    Essence Wings in Free Words

    True A Real ‘God’ Within Dances
    Sings This Way Free Is a Name
    Required No It is the Do of Spirit
    Wings Free Dancing Singing NoW in Winds Free

    Shall A Price Ever Value Fully Your Soul Words: No
    There is No Price That Will Fully Measure REAL MaGiC

    Wings Wind Free

    Have A Beautiful
    Weekend of You
    my FRiEnD With More SMiLes…

    Touching Northern LightS NoW
    of Norway Even Freer With Wings..:)

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  2. Hi Lily! Good to see you back on Blogging. How are you? Hope everyone is safe. Being an artist and to make others feel happy, is a special skill of an artist ✨🤗 and you are one skilled gifted artist 💖 Have a good day 🥰 and an amazing weekend ahead 🥳

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