A winter rose


-A winter rose-

A winter rose played
with your cord, unraveled strings…
Death is a bizarre soul,
I just had to understand,
a steam fills my mind while
you are stabbing me with Arctic icicles…
I’m dark, haunted and bleeding
my own blood for the silence
you cutted me with so deeply.



2 kommentarer om “A winter rose

  1. When All Is White When All Is Ice
    Where All Is Frozen Warmth Only

    Left RiSinG Within

    Touching HeARTS

    Bringing Hugs to Life
    Passion Will Spring Most

    From Snow Drifts Never
    Returning Green to Life

    What Humans Do To
    Bring Back Life


    To SMiLe
    In Comfort’s Reach
    Happy Winters Dear
    Lillian Orchard Daughter..:)

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