Poem; Darkest sins…



Stardust glimmering on your body
as your eyes speak like
the moonshine,
my lake of pure ecstasy flowing
over you like a gunfire and
our moans become a symphony of senses …
only our fire could ignite it…

a ice kiss where the stars met the forest and red velvet lips is my source to honey dripping from your secret knight.

Pull me closer…
heart beating faster…
fingers touching endlessly…

I’m pressing my angelswings tighter against your passion,
a lions roar are enchantment
into my mind
and plunge you deeper into my
sapphire wetness cave,
while our whispering breath makes goosebumps on my ivory velvet breasts.

Lascivious fire let loose…
teeth scratching paragraphs into flesh, growls and scattered notes of moanings pooling deep under my soul and skin..

desires of dark scent releases diamond pearls from rhythm of my purple velvet rose…
drip drip drip…
darkest sins in sweet harmony on satin…


3 kommentarer om “Poem; Darkest sins…

  1. Life is Full of Earthy Passion

    All The Senses All The Emotions

    All the Feelings Free Do Come to Play

    All The Passion Yes Surrendering to the

    Thrill Of
    Instinct So

    Very Deep

    And Shadow
    Thick So Above
    So Very Below As Deep
    And As Fast As A Tornado Blows

    SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard FLoWeR

    i Do Believe You Capture The SPiRiT of
    The Beginning oF UNiVeRSES iN Human

    Multi-Uni-Verse Big Bangs That Come Again

    So Very Free
    This Way

    As Indeed
    There Will

    Be No Life
    Without the Passion
    of Energy Vibrations Frequencies
    Of Waves so High and Very Low

    The Rhythm of the Night Makes

    LiGHT of Day Come to See

    Again The Melody of All Our
    Breath Deep and Unrelenting

    Sing Notes of Relief And Release Even

    Higher As Sirens From Within Play Again

    As Beautiful As Roaring Waves Calming FLoWinG
    Grace Again Water Wave Ocean Whole Existence
    Breathes Free Again

    As Salt Water
    Foam is


    With Seed of
    Stars FLoWeRinG
    AS Humans LiGHT Up Again…
    From Shadows DarK And Deep So ALiVE..:)

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