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From the north a butterfly in
winter land under the
Polar star in the elongated
small country

If you listen carefully you can hear
her wing stroke rises from a descending black
star from a nightmare visions
flash down below the abyss…

breaks through the chains from
a cage of
another day healing subconsciously
a picture of pain.

Bleeding memories and a battered
country girl,
but beautiful as the midnight sun…

strong as the Northern Lights
dances on the
black canvas of the sky,
she colors her soul’s
landscape of a ruin to an
architectural masterpiece.


5 kommentarer om “My book-poetry-

  1. Indeed Dear Orchard
    Daughter Lillian Soul

    Builders of New

    Colors We May

    Come to Grow

    Out of Deepest

    Abyss Oceans

    With No

    Again to be
    The Sky Starlit

    Breath Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling

    Love For All Again

    Indeed Keep Building

    mY FRiEnD No Different

    Than A Nautilus on the Shore

    Spiraling Leaving A Most Beautiful

    Home to Pass

    On to Inspire


    to Build
    Their Unique
    Spiraling Higher Souls True..:)

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