3 kommentarer om “Memories

  1. SMiLes Dear Okidedatter
    Orchard Daughter Lillian as

    You So Eloquently

    Brand A Name

    For Your Poetry
    Book on Sale on

    Amazon Yes Such

    A Sublimely Beautiful
    Video You Produce With
    Hints of the Poetry You Create

    Indeed So Deep As the ‘Moon

    Kills the Day’ As You Say Dear

    FRiEnD Through Sunsets

    And Sunrises With




    To Rise From Fall Again

    From Norway Northern Lights

    As The Sun Idles on the Horizon

    Today One More Day As Surely A

    Promise of the Sun at Least RiSinG Comes Again
    As Always Thanks For Your Inspiring Soul Free to Delight


    So Deep

    As Oceans

    Swim Love

    From Shallow
    Clear Waters of Love Above..:)

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