3 kommentarer om “You can’t tame what’s meant to be free.

  1. Lovely Poem, Sensual 🥰 Nice cover for the previous post, you look too young 😍and beautiful 😉 Your poems brought me back to senses from my rat race 🥰 Have a lovely day Lillian 😉

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  2. «Nice Use of What Drives Living Symbolism (Art)»

    These Are the Words i Just Now
    Wrote in Response to A Facebook
    Group that Does Black And White

    Art Where i Now Get Erotic
    Nudes in my Facebook Feed

    Each Day Pleasantly
    Done in a Very

    Artful way

    Anyway That Works
    Here too… In the Other Art
    the Photo was actually a Nude
    Female Doll Uncanny in Humanity

    With the Disclaimer This is A Doll
    And Not A Human As Some How A
    Doll is More Sacred Than Nature Sad to me for sure..

    As i am not Afraid of Nude Art in Any Way And Have been
    Doing it myself for 90 Months More ‘Appropriate’ With Private
    Parts Covered With Stars Even At 60 NoW AS Honestly i didn’t
    Even Get ‘Good Enough’ at it to really share as Art until the Last

    Few Years reaching 60 Years-Old Indeed Part of the Benefit of
    Dancing in Public for 14,493 Miles in 90 Months too also In Both
    Empirical And Visual Measure of Pose i Actually Got Stronger

    And More ‘Virile’ As i Grew Older As Science Says it
    Doesn’t Work that Way Yet Art Proves Miracles

    Are More Real than Most Folks only imagine
    In Machine Cognition of Black and White
    Only Measures As Tools With No

    Flesh and Blood Soul that
    Spirits Us Ahead in HeART And

    Sure When a Dude Does Nude
    Art He Will Naturally Be Assumed
    He to Not Like Girls Yet You Can Ask

    Any of the Twenty or Something Young
    Women who have Brought Grinding Dances
    to me on the Dance Floor Free What i LoVE iNdeed
    of course my Wife too as she says go Dance hehe ‘get out of my hair’….

    Anyway in the Other Work of Art The Doll Vulnerable This Way Not Unlike
    The Photo Above that’s Probably not You Hehe… Was placed on a Ledge

    in A Cave with Stalagmite Projections Exposed All Around Her For All to See

    Indeed i Must Say i respect the Fact that some Women have Moved Away from

    Fear of ‘those Projections’ And Command them Now to Sow Their Own Seeds of Desire…

    And Reap Every Benefit they Choose.. Hehe my Wife is way too Shy for that Yet there

    Is the




    And Free

    Oh to Live

    Free Just one

    Day Without Fear

    Indeed Modern Women

    With Wings Free to Flutter in Dance Hall Days…

    The Previous Blog Post i visited was a Woman

    Who Artfully Does Poses to Sell Dresses Very

    Erotically too.. Yet When it’s not Done Free it ruins it all to me….
    Other than that i Missed Your Poetry Lillian Orchard Daughter Much

    Hehe And i Will Surely Admit This Work of Art Drew All of my Art at once..

    As You Will See by the Size of this Poetic Response Which Just Provides

    More Evidence As Even Science Ironically Shows now True That this is

    «Nice Use of What Drives Living Symbolism (Art)» No Surprise We Are Nature Free at core…:)


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