It’s looking a lot like Christmas time…

My poetry collection, Beautiful & battered, breaking through the chains


The day is short and the night is long in this

country in the north with its snow-capped

mountains and fjords with white veil that lie

still in this dark time, the river flows with its

ice crystals dancing in the waterfall that

hovers with the north wind beyond the dusk

and she lights a candle.

The Northern Lights dances in joy where the

polar bears eyes glimmering infront of the

Christmas star that blinks in this

frozen winter night where the last ray of the

moon’s mystery slowly fades away until

she lights a candle.

A child’s face resting against the window pane

in the hope…..

underneath the Christmas tree

lies everything she wish for, but it is too good to

be true.

Snow crystals fall outside are unique, beautiful

and shines evocative in the cold night.

She light a candle where she dreams an Arctic

dream about the miracle of the infant faith.

The white dove flies silently through the chains

that lift the adventure of hope behind

the jewel of the dark night.

Somewhere with the frost on her cheeks,

a little girl lights a candle for all the stories that

are expressed without words, that are burned

into the scars of the human hearts.


9 kommentarer om “It’s looking a lot like Christmas time…

  1. Echoes of Snow My Ancestors From the Black Forest

    Of Germany as I remember Playing a Little SnowBoarding

    Game As In Florida Snow is So Rare; Yet, i’m Sure i would

    Feel the Ancestral Memories of Deep Frozen Winters

    If I lived Somewhere Farther North by Far

    From Florida Now; Smiles, I haven’t

    Worn Long Pants since 2013;

    So i tolerate Cold Naturally Well;

    And Polar Bears Were my Favorite

    Stuffed Animal From Childhood For True

    i Found Love in That Stuffed Toy that would

    Never Go Away as My Father Did at 3 for i am

    Sure There are Many Folks Who Have Stuffed Animal

    Parents This Way as Surrogates And Of Course Stuffed Pillow

    Lovers Through

    Life as



    Lovers Fade Away

    Yet We Still Find Ways

    To Generate the Warmth Within

    Yes the Christmas Sprit Year ‘Round At

    Best We Create Within to Warm Ourselves

    Surely With More To Give to Others this way too…


    Love Within



    Warmth Indeed

    Smiles Lillian From Norway

    As i Know a Lillian From Boston too…

    Oh the Magic of Northern Lights And

    Snow Aglow With Sublime Memories

    When Ice Becomes Warm Within

    Yes Merry Love to You

    Year Around


    You Always

    Find Ways to

    Generate Sunshine

    Of Love to Feel and Give and Share More..:)

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