I’m only me


She is sensual, sexual and passionate
a warrior
a Viking Princess
a northern light
a dark soul
a survivor
a Nordic woman
untamed beauty and a bold heart
artistic soul
a mother
a story keeper
a mysterious wilderness

the one who carry my ancients within the marrow of my bones
the one who have bathed in my own blood
the one who wear my scars like stars with proud and beauty.

I’m a vision and a dream
I’m a nightmare on the holy altar
I’m an ice maiden from a rebirth of
Hell and back.

I’m tender, fragile and only me
with all my flaws.
I’m a flame over a crystalline bridge between death and our world.

I’m a seed from cosmos and a
daughter of a courageous man of the woods, a woman of a force of nature.

I’m vulnerable and transparency,
but I’m a heart of acceptance and authenticity of my life…
I’m me and only me…


7 kommentarer om “I’m only me

  1. «i’m Only me» Dear Lillian
    Orchard Daughter How

    Authentic How Genuine
    How Far Reaching to Accept

    And Celebrate All the Rivers
    And Streams Domesticating Wilding

    NoW Yes You Are A Balance of Nature
    DarK Thru LiGHT We All

    CoMe to See When
    Our Shadows


    Of Our Living
    Breath Naked,
    Enough, Whole,
    Complete Yes Just Satisfied
    For All the Streams, Rivers and

    Wild Ocean Waves Bringing Us
    Through Storms And Sunshiney Seas SaMe

    Through All Ancestral Nightmares Dreams Now

    Yet Different is The Wine of Life The Blood We
    Mix With Pleasure to Overcome The Pain of Life

    iN Peace
    ExhalinG Love

    TWiLiGHT CoMes to
    PLaY As DarK iS LiGHT Once more..:)

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