22 kommentarer om “Circus of lifes

  1. Truly Folks Watered
    Without Love Will
    Numb With So
    Much Pain
    Striking Out
    At the Rest of
    The World Bringing
    It Down For All Eternity
    Now There Are Clowns
    With Tears In Body
    Who Refuse
    To Bend
    In Fear And
    Hate Then
    There are Clowns
    Who Find A Way Through
    All Of This Pain to Paint
    Smiles of
    Love on
    Other Faces
    Real Clowns
    Indeed So Many
    Clowns Chasing
    Light And Falling
    Dark Missed Your Poetry
    Orchard Daughter
    Truths Within
    Indeed This
    To Abyss
    Truth Now
    In Light’s Breath🌟

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  2. How are you Lillian?😍 Hope all is well. Circus of life is amazing. And you never failed to amaze us with the artwork 😍✨ And let’s hope such clowns from hell doesn’t bother us in real life.😉 Happy to read your poem’s again.😍✨Have a wonderful Sunday 💐

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    1. I’m ok thank you so much, I hope you are well and safe too. I’m so happy to wake up to your beautiful comment, means alot to me.
      Thank you for noticing my art…
      have a beautiful Sunday😀


      1. Thanks so very much Lillian! I am going through a rough time with my health right now 😞. Muffin is doing fine 🙂 😺. I had to stop blogging for a bit, my laptop quit working so it’s getting checked to see if it’s worth fixing. I can’t really afford a new one right now so I’m hoping it will be something easy to fix. I’m sure happy that you are still blogging, keep it up! I hope you have a most wonderful day Lillian! 🙂😺😻

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