She lights a candle…

English text after the Norwegian text.

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Dagen er kort og natta er lang i

landet i nord med sine snødekte fjell og fjorder

med hvitt slør som ligger stille i denne


elven renner med sine snøperler dansende i

fossefallet som svever med nordavinden

bortenfor solen

hun tenner et lys

Nordlyset danser i glede der isbjørnene bor

julestjernen blinker i denne frosne vinternatt

der den siste strålen fra månens mystikk sakte

svinner hen

hun tenner et lys

et barns ansikt hvilende mot vindusruten i håp

om at under treet ligger alt hun ønsker seg

snøkrystaller faller utenfor

alle er unike og vakre

de skinner stemningsfullt i den kalde natten

hun tenner et lys

hennes julehjertet omfavner den svarte

julerosen som gråter kronbladene ned på en

seng av snøkrystaller i håp om minnenes

gjensyn er historiens forsoning der

hun lytter nøye til hennes sjel som synger i

sterke følelser

hun tenner et lys

der hun drømmer en arktisk drøm om

barnetroens mirakler

der den hvite duen flyr lydløst gjennom

lenkene som løfter håpets eventyr bak det røde

havets juvel et sted

med frosten på sine kinn tenner hun et lys for

alle de historiene som blir uttrykt uten ord…


The day is short and the night is long in this

country in the north with its snow-capped

mountains and

fjords with white veil that lie still in this dark


the river flows with its snow beads dancing in

the waterfall that hovers with the north wind

beyond the sunbeam

she lights a candle

The Northern Lights dances in joy where the

polar bears drill Christmas star blinks in this

frozen winter night where the last ray of the

moon’s mystery slowly fades away until

she lights a candle

a child’s face resting against the window pane

in the hope that underneath the tree lies

everything she wants

snow crystals fall outside are unique and


shines evocative in the cold night

she light lights a candle

where she dreams an arctic dream about the

miracle of the infant faith the white dove flies

silently through the chains that lift the

adventure of hope behind the jewel of the Red

Sea somewhere

with the frost on her cheeks,

she lights a candle

for all the stories that are expressed without

words. ..


19 kommentarer om “She lights a candle…

    1. Thank you so much, I’m sorry for late response to your beautiful comment, but I hope you know that I’m grateful to you🐺♥️
      Your support means more to me than you can imagine🙏🏻
      I hope you are well and take care-make you a great time♥️


  1. SMiLes mY FRiEnD Lillian Happiest Of Holidays
    Joy May BRinG to You.. WHeRE i LiVE iN Florida
    Closest to ‘Northern Lights’ We Have Are Rainbows
    So Rare to Have A Rainbow Close to Christmas but
    After 3 Days Dreary Darkest Nights of Cold Clouds and
    Rain.. as i entered my Garage coming Home From a Work-out
    A Rainbow Caught my Eye in deed Directly Over Our Home Arches
    From Left to Right of Beautiful Colors Christmas Tree Lights in the Sky
    Pot of Rainbow Gold
    Always Love
    Within that’s
    Real Invisible
    Sun come Real
    As Sunshine to Give
    And Share more.. interestingly
    My Sister had Just gotten off the
    Phone With my Stepmother as she related
    She had to Put Her Beloved Dog Out of His Misery…
    Her Husband already Passed away Years ago at Christmas
    Time and Now Her Beloved Dog as she said She was Sending
    Him over ‘the Rainbow Bridge’ exactly the Time We Saw the Rainbow
    Above our Home Almost 200 Miles to the East of Her Where We LiVE iN
    Florida my Sister said She’s Never Seen a Christmas Rainbow but True
    i Have a SmART PHone and Proof of this Miracle Gift of Nature’s Colors
    Lit Up For Christmas Future Now Still to ReMeMBeR… SMiLes my FRiEnD
    My ‘Facebook Memories’ Are as Deep as God is Real as LoVE iN LiGHT Now
    All the Colors
    of my Soul
    i Feel and
    Sense Give
    And Share for Free
    may not touch that many
    Folks in the Song i Bring
    but The Dance in Public Surely does..
    True all the Colors Touch me to Give and
    Share More.. and True inspiring me to come
    Visit Very Nice People Around the World Like You..
    Smiles my FRiEnD Every Candle-Lit A Word of Sacred Song
    A Step of Holy Dance Full of Meaning and Purpose Giving and Sharing Free..
    My Christmas Spirit Lives ‘Year Round ‘i am Titanium’ When People Try to put
    my Christmas Light out on Purpose or out of Ignorance my Flame only Grows
    Torch more
    Fire on Distant
    Shores Up Close and Personal
    as My Light comes to not only Burn
    but Explode as Stars do to Flower Life
    Star Seeds We continue to Shine «Joy to the World» Love Thrives iN LiGHT..:)

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  2. I’m not sure how I missed this one, I’m terrible. It is a beautiful poem Lillian, it touches the heart and has such a wonderful feel to it. I thoroughly enjoy your vivid imagery and this girl who «lights a candle» just brings such a wonderful, touching image to mind. Happy New Year Lillian! I pray it will be one of hope and blessing for you!!😃😺⛄🌲

    Likt av 1 person

    1. Dear friend Steve, you are not terrible and we can’t get everything with us. But, I’m so glad you read it, this poem is close to my heart. Thank you so much Steve.
      Happy New Year my friend, you and Muffin are in my blessings and thougths, although I’m not as active here, I am much grateful to you😻😀

      Likt av 1 person

      1. Hi Lillian! So nice to talk with you again. Yes, I could tell this poem was close to you.
        I hope that you are feeling much better now and that this New Year brings you much happiness!😁😸💛

        Likt av 1 person

      2. Heartfelt appreciation my dear friend💙I’m thinking a lot of you… but I’m not so much in here or I don’t blog so much anymore… but believe me: you have put a mark in my heart Steve, you are awesome and beautiful.
        Take care💙

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