It’s time to sparkle…

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It’s time to sparkle….

She felt the Christmas spirit was buried deep

within her flesh and bones

a moment before dark a blacbird whistling

from the navy blue sky in the snowfall

across the moonstream and shade to shade

she walk like a princes of sorrow in these cold


her love is an icy touch on your ruin of a

silhouette shadow

death roams all around her black Christmas

fire deep inside her darkness

a silent night before Christmas

no one can hear her screams in jarring tones

behold a glimmer in the black dreams of

crushed Christmas holiday

ghosts of Christmas past throw back

memories from when she covered her eyes and


she has always scent the smell of hell

she have no heart for joy

a dark girl never smile

no luck are written in the stars of destiny

when the frozen moonbeams chases her

missing pieces through the dark

too often she was afraid of what lurks behind

the wall pretending to be light

a sound of tears a moment after the fear of

the sound of crushed glass behind the shadow

of her soul

watching the night upon the forest

the dead souls taking flight from

a cementery grave when she close her eyes

frozen tears falling down her cheeks

her kiss is like the wind so cold on your lips

she can feel herself falling

now she is crawling by the snowflakes that

glittering like emeralds around her

cadence of her last breath

a silent night before christmas

while the night still hides her withered heart….


9 kommentarer om “It’s time to sparkle…

  1. Wow, what a deep and amazing poem Lillian! A cry from within, reaching out to someone around her. Sorry I haven’t been around Lillian, I’m way behind in all my reading, shameful really. I have so much time now but it’s so hard to concentrate on anything. Keeping my own blog going has been difficult. But hopefully that is about to change, I’m starting to feel better so hopefully my blogging will get back to normal. Do you have much snow yet? It was nice to see you around again this morning, I hope you have a wonderful weekend Lillian!! 😁😸⛄🎄

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  2. Silent Nights of Christmas
    That Feel no Warmth Real
    Snowy Dreams so Distant
    Icy Fingers Reaching out
    of Soul With No Touch
    No Breath of Love
    Smiles my
    Lillian for there
    are those Who have
    no one at Christmas
    to Hold Hands with
    And Hug but
    there are
    those of Us
    So Loved without
    Hands or Hugs to Hold
    What Hell there is to Pay
    When Loved one’s Smiles
    Only Reach out in Numb of Soul..
    But Then There are those All Alone
    What Hope What Will Is Left when Not
    only After the Love is Gone to Receive and
    Give but there is no one even Left at Home to Lament..
    In Fact No Lament
    In Memory
    Left at all
    No more
    in White
    Satin no more
    Letters of Memories to Write
    Smiles my FRiEnD i’ve never been
    alone never ever except Loneliness of the Soul…
    How Blessed those of us Who Lose our Soul are
    to Still be Loved through Pitch-Dark Nights of Pain and Numb..
    When there are no longer
    Any Enemies
    the only
    to either Stay
    or ‘Go’ The Darkest
    Nights of Soul the Never
    Ending Time of Christmas Lost Within..
    Smiles my FRiEnD For Christmas is only
    A Dream that Lasts as Long as Love that’s
    Felt and Sensed Given Shared for Real.. there are
    those who Coldly Will take that away but there are those
    of Us Who have been to a much Darker Place that they
    are yet to visit
    and see
    for those
    Who have
    Visited Yes
    ‘That Place’
    Will Never Send
    another Person that way…
    This is Where Angels come
    from most when they really do come back From Hell..
    And it Doesn’t Matter How Much They Hurt They Numb or Pain
    For They’ve Seen
    the Ego
    all that’s
    Left to do is Love….
    The World is Full of Arms
    Who Feel No Love Somehow
    We Escape Hell to Give and Share once more..
    Smiles why FRiEnD Your Poem Brought back an Empty
    Memory of Cold at Christmas it’s hard for me to remember
    much of anything that happened to me when i was in Hell
    on Earth Within for memories are emotions and emotions
    are memories all is dust when Hell comes for real.. but
    what i do remember when i read Your Poem is the
    First Part of Hell.. Sitting in the Living Room of
    My Mother’s Apartment my Wife and
    Them Smiling at me..
    so lost
    so lost
    the World of
    Love all i saw
    Was Teeth the lament
    for Feelings of Love to come again..
    i didn’t understand what was wrong no
    one could help me but the day the Light came home..
    i suppose what i’m saying here is it can and will come back even with no Hope….
    but for me it did take 66 Months through the Darkness to see the Light again..
    Out of Nights
    in White
    with no
    Love to Breathe as Life..:)

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  3. Merry Christmas dear Lillian 😊 I hope you are good and everything is great at your end ❤️ just wanted to stop by and say hello and Merry Christmas and wish you lot of joy and love and peace of mind and also a great new year gentler and better than the previous one in all aspects 😊😊❤️❤️

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    1. You fill my heart with joy deae friend❤️thank you so much🌹
      Merry Christmas to you too, make you a great time and a lot of happiness and love for the next new year, I hope to see you again♥️
      Much love-take care❤️

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