Tears from the wolf’s eyes

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My world burned to ashes and my days are


You turned on your charm, I Just wanting to


This morning has broken and

my mind collides with every failed attempt to

comfort my own heartbeats

Counting rocks on the bottom of my soul

through narrow neverending hallways

I’m knocked back inside my old track

It brings tears from the wolf’s eyes

when you thought I was a princess from the

fairy tales

I was the most wanted girl in town writing on a

new chapter in my book

I am one big wave, you can’t handle

I am the wings of the wind, you can’t catch

I am the great mystery, you can’t solve

I am a lonely wolf

a gentle harp is playing to my fragile heart and

blue river soul

it brings tears from the wolf’s eyes

A kissing flame from a lonely eagle flying

above me and we fly wild together

The sky’s symphony of spirits dancing in

northern lights and shadows from the wolves

blow my emerald kiss to the lost moon

dreaming in the darkness

and I am one of the heirs of the night when the

earth’s breath meets the sunrise in the ocean

behind the songs of the wolves in the dreams of

ancient voices from white buffalo in the world

of circles of life and legends rhythm from the

woods trumps my sweet lullaby

and I listen to the echoes from a friend

the voice of the death

there is an angel hanging from a tree in the



23 kommentarer om “Tears from the wolf’s eyes

  1. Order Of LoVE KiN Dness
    All Is Kin All Is Love Venerable
    Enough ASSigNinG Abstract
    Constructs Like (God)
    SMiLes Orchid
    Lillian Last
    Night the Older God
    of Time And Order and
    Laws Saturn Sits Close
    to Venus the Newer Timeless
    God of Love Both Are Kin Both are one
    there is no separation of Light or Dark as
    Both Planets Wait for the Long Cold Full Moon
    To Rise on December 12th, 2019 at 12 AM Eastern
    Time.. New.. York.. New York With Additional Smiles Holy
    And Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose for this is what
    Joins Order of Love in Our Minds Away from Chaos of Fear
    The KinD
    When Saturn
    And Venus
    Sit Sweetly
    Closer ToGeTHeR
    As the Long Cold Moon
    Last Full Moon of this Decade
    Looks Greater toward 2020 Vision
    of Connection in the Coming Decade Now
    For When the Wolf Full Moon Howls Lone for
    Love in January RiSinG Sun Toward Spring Love Again…
    Smiles my FRiEnD the Pain And Numb of Disconnection From
    All is the Coldest Winter Night of the Human Soul as You Sing
    An Ending Refrain «Voice of the death there is an angel hanging
    from a tree in the forest».. as Your Words Magically Flowing in Free
    Verse Harmony of Darkness takes me back to a place where i once
    lived for 66 Months Just a Lone Wolf Howling at the Moon in a place where
    all is time where the only order one seeks is the KinDNeSS.. Yes Now the Holy
    And Sacred Connection Back to Love Full of Meaning And Purpose of LiFE iN LiGHT
    Away from the Darkness of the Abyss the Never Ending New Moon Dark of the SouL
    Just Howling
    for a Full
    KinDNeSS Within
    Yes LoVE to ReiGN
    A Kingdom Within
    oF LiGHT AGaIN
    Venus Hold
    Hands not much
    Different than Charlie
    Brown Waiting For the Great Pumpkin
    to Come Again with Snoopy Dog (God) Sitting at His side.. as truly
    he already has ‘it’ all Now a Short Story from Hell the Place i used to live
    with the Literal Suicide Disease from Wake to Sleep called Trigeminal
    Neuralgia.. yes wake to sleep shut-in for 66 Months but for Emergency
    Purposes in case it just got to much.. i kept a Metal Chain in a Bicycle
    Basket for Travel Purposes to Feed the Vultures my Last Case Grasp
    for at least some Meaning and Purpose in Life.. i had it all planned out
    This Road Far Enough from my Home and a Forest and A Tree to Hang
    on with a Metal Chain Where no one Would Find the Body of Pain and Numb
    of me again.. that Night i slept on this Dream and woke to my Wife’s story of
    Her Dream Where She Named that Same Road and said wow that’s Strange
    i just Dreamed that my Granny (who was deceased) and me Were together
    on that named Road that my wife had never mentioned before
    And They Were Hanging Ornaments on a Christmas Tree..
    Smile my Friend at
    that Point i didn’t
    take the Metal
    Chain out of the
    Basket until close to
    42 Months after i recovered
    from the Pain/Numb but i knew there
    was no.. NO way i would go through with
    it then as there was a Much Greater Force
    that i will never fully Understand then that was
    telling me in my Wife’s Dream You Must Stay
    for there is change in time forevermore now..
    In the Coldest Longest Waits for Full Moons
    of Connection there is at least the Hope
    my FRiEnD
    May KinDNeSS
    Always Find a
    Way to Bless
    You in
    a way
    that takes you
    back to the Warm Full Moon
    Finding Other Lone Wolves to HowL With in KinDNeSS…
    Peace And Harmony of the Full Moon Dance And Song Love Free..:)

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  2. Beautiful poem Lillian! Such wonderful words from the heart just sing out! You always put such life into your poems, more than just words, they are words that have meaning, real life. Great poem, keep it up Lillian! I hope your weekend is going well!😁😸⛄🎄

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