Summertime sadness…

She got drunk

tried to drink away her pain

danced on the table

sang the saddest songs she knew

as elegant as the candle light sparkling on

the piano her bambi eyes was like

shappire moonlight

her hair flow like a river and her cheery

lips was telling magic

her radiance got the heartbeat of all

men in the bar to tremble

but she had no longing to them…

the smell of whiskey and blue smoke

lay like a blanket over the room

remembering nothing until she

wakes up on a street corner with him

beside her

everything turned upside down inside her

you held her hair

you told her how beautiful she was


so much love for her

a day four years ago she turned her back

on him and said no, just go…

a choice she could sell her soul to the

devil for…

if she could turn back time…

you are still her best friend

doing everything for each other

having fun

conversation from dusk to down

know everything about each other

every time your name appears on

the phone her heart quiver in pain that

hurt so good

always a perfect picture of your family

suddenly, you knock on her door

she lets you in

she smiles bravely

her heart cracks

her eyes are bloodshot

you traces your fingertips down her jaw

she gasp for the breath

befor their lips meet, time stand still

at this moment and she can feel your

goosebumps on your nose

and your lips are drawn towards eachother

she moans for both of you

drown in your emerald green eyes

just one last night in the sky of lovemaking

in sin he whisper

-I want to make love to you-

slowly they make love in

a bodylanguage only they knew

when tomorrow comes she has

pulled the trigger

she can’t bear anymore

summertime sadness

they find her in the bubble bath with

rose petals from the

Black Rose…


20 kommentarer om “Summertime sadness…

  1. Beautiful work again Lillian ✨☺️ Its everytime a short movie of a girl and the art work✨👌 It’s beautiful to mix up our imagination and play with words.. … ✨👏 Thanks for making amazing work🤗 My fav lines🥰 In sin he wishper, she has pulled the trigger, Black rose.✨👏

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  2. SMiLes THeRE iS onLY A Pain And Numb
    That an Empath Will Understand
    A Living Dying Cross that’s Real
    When Drained WiTHiN From:
    Love With
    Left But to:
    Care for Others
    With Empty Shells
    With No Sea Creature
    Ocean Whole Who Lives Within
    So What We Will Do to Feel The Living
    Love Within Truly A Most Desperate Place From:
    to: Live and FeeL AGaiN A Touch of Love Within..
    True in this Case
    A Human Orgasm
    May be A
    Back to
    Living Love We
    Feel and Sense within..
    Verily Science Proves this out
    As surely A Most Powerful Source
    of Feeling the Love of the Neurohormone
    Oxytocin the Breast of Love From Nurturing
    Birth that Brings Holy and Sacred Divine Love
    Full of Meaning
    and Purpose
    that is
    the Warmth
    that connects
    Us Living Again BLiSSinGS
    SMiLeS NoW to: Those who are
    FeeLeD Within With Love and are
    Not Drained As From: Empaths come to:
    Be Now From: Feeling Sensing all the Pain
    of the World From: Those who are Neglected
    At Birth From: Those Who Are Abused by Family
    And Friends And so-called Lovers who are not Lovers
    at all to: Those Who are Separated From: Love as finally
    Coming to: This Emptiness Spirit Poor Understanding God
    Is Really LiTeRaLLY
    Love and You will
    do anything
    in this World
    to Feel this
    ‘God’ IS
    Even A
    ‘Drug’ that
    May Not
    Be Love
    At All Now
    True as the
    Black Rose Seeks
    From: to: Find Color Any Color
    to: BecoMe the Color of Blood From:
    It’s True ‘A Penis’ is not Required for any
    of this but it may be all that’s Left to: get close….
    From: And then
    so far
    far away….
    Smiles For others
    it is Power and Status
    to: replace the emptiness
    Within for others never ever
    FeeLinG the Void Within Ocean
    Empty No Sea Creature to: Live
    of ‘God’
    to: L O V E
    Within FoR
    ReaL ETeRNaLLY NoW..
    to Give and Share For Free
    Consuming Others and the Rest
    of Nature (God) All With least Harm
    For those Who have this LoVE NoW IS
    Eternally ENoUGH
    once again
    to give
    for Free
    Consuming the Rest
    of Nature (God) All With Least
    Harm Yes ReaL AGaPE LoVE iNCaRNaTE US..:)

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      1. SMiLes Dear FriEnd Lillian..
        All the Force of my Dance And
        Song of Life Comes From Less than
        A Grain of Sand i am In Hell on Earth
        For 66 Months as a Shut-in in my Bedroom
        With the Worst Pain Known to Human-kind And
        18 other Life Threatening in Synergy Disorders from
        Wake to Sleep then Like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye
        And Ear that No Drug Will touch assessed Literally Worse
        than Actual Crucifixion.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
        named the Suicide
        for that is
        what it is
        i asked my
        Mother Why this
        ‘Cross’ for me what
        did i do to deserve it.. i did my best
        then i always tried to Love everyone
        and not Harm any Part of Others and Nature
        God All she said two simple Words ‘Why Not’
        but she also said ‘This too will pass’ i never need now
        to meet the Man they call ‘Jesus’ for my Mother was/is
        A Real Jesus then now no myth of Son of Man God Real
        Woman LoVE iNCaRNaTE Breeding Birthing me
        Gardening Love Just to Fall to Hell From Heaven
        for no reason but ‘Why Not’.. smiles my Friend
        that Works the other way as well and that is
        the Gift of Heaven most
        making that less
        than a Grain
        of Sand
        oF LiGHT
        Creating more
        LoVE iN CaRNaTE
        More A Mountain oF LoVE
        STiLL iNTeGRAL to that less
        than A Grain of Sand the Hell that
        inspires Heaven Most oF all Within
        inside outside above so below and all around
        more.. In Hell there is no telling if one will survive
        the Next Second NoW iN HeaVeN THeRE is no
        Distance.. Space.. Time.. or Even Matter All is
        Spirit Wind to See HeART of SoUL MiND and
        BoDY BaLanCinG LaSeR FLoW Focus to Be LoVE
        NoW to Give and Share For Free MoRE ALWayS
        doing the best to Consume the Rest of
        Nature All with Least Harm this
        is no new gift this is the Dance
        And Song of Love We All
        Give and Share Best
        to: BReATHE From:
        Real Understanding
        That Dark Creates the Most
        Light to Be Forgiving the Darkness
        That Will BRinG GReaTesT LoVELiGHT oF LiFE BReaTHiNG
        Now too.. SMiLes my Friend.. my Words Breathe much too long
        Now for most folks to See the Spirit of my Hurricane i BRinG this
        Way.. oF LoVE but my Dance 11,888 Miles in Public that Brings
        me the Flow and Focus to Write 7.2 MiLLiON Words in the Same
        72 months since i recovered from Hell as i told a Group of Young
        Folks who exclaimed do you know How Famous You are for Your
        Public Dance in a Metro Area of Several Hundred Thousand Folks
        As They Stated Literally everyone they know.. talks about me
        And Knows who i am haha.. like An Anti-Trump Down
        South in my Metro Area now too.. as i reply to them
        i am LoVE
        only a
        of Sand
        i am only Less
        Than A Grain of Sand From:
        STiLL NoW And That is enough
        to: make LoVE ReaL mY FRiEnd…:)

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    1. Hello, nice to see you, I hope you are well.
      I am so grateful for your lovely comment❤️
      Yes, I had wrote the poem (I have never been good at headlines) and sudden I heard the song on TV, so I called my poem after her-I love that song- and I rewrite the ending a bit..
      I am so happy to see you.

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    1. Wow… wow… You know, I love to talk and talk and talk, but now I am speechless… thank you Nathan, I am so grateful for your kind words❤️ it means so much to me.
      Enjoy your day.


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