The silence of the forest.

Me and my little family went out into the forest today.

We were just going to be with the «silence of the nature»

I open the car door and felt the clean energy of the forest fill me up immediately.

I looked down on the ground where I was just about to put my foot down. There on the ground, there were many ants, so there was one jump and bounce and Lillian was safely on a rock.

My husband understood he didn’t have to ask me for help, and he fixed everything. My son laughed and looked at me and we laughed even more.

I spend some time on an outside meditation and looking curiously at my husband. Our son and he was fishing.

My mind never rest and words and pictures begin to take shape. I have to write down the words and enter wildly on the phone.

I meet the gaze of my husband and his bright blue eyes sparkles towards me. He has already been tan and his strong arms pulsating towards me .

He reads my body language and how I smile at him. He understands what happens in my heart and mind.

I sit on the stone and write and put a strawberry into my mouth.

He comes to me, whispers something in mye ear, and I love it when he does that. I hide the rest of the strawberries.

I grab his arms and put them around me and I felt his heart rhythm.

I did not finish the poem..but I got the forest’s clean air in my lungs, the water’s energy and be with those who mean everything to me.

..and I have smiled and laughed a lot ..

We get a trout, who came home with us.

And I… I know what to do with the rest of the strawberries tonight 😉




(This post is only in English)

It was a bit cloudy in the mountains today, but it does not stop Lillian from an outdoor meditation.

I sit down on a stone, feel like I get in touch with Mother Earth and listen to the sounds. The silence is the right word, but it is only broken by the stream running next to me.

First, I take a look at the stream that trickles. Look at the water and the patterns in it. I see the stones on the bottom and it flows.

I close my eyes and my soul goes on adventure.

I stand on the highest mountain and look down on the dense deep forest and cry out loud over mountains, plains, fjords and other fauna. «I managed it» …

I see for myself the «ladder» I have climbed up and down so many times. When I have climbed a step up, I have fallen three steps down again.

The road from the abyss and just getting the «head over the water» has been a battle on my own.

I imagine the steep and slippery mountainsides where nothing has been used.

Then it has been to walk sideways a good distance with the ladder on the back which weighs extra.

Sleeping and heavy it has been, where mouse steps have become a nightmare and I just want wings like a bird so I can escape over the challenging mountains I have in front of me.

Again, I want to welcome my thoughts as if they are guests in my house with me. Taking them kindly in and when it’s time to go, I say goodbye and close the door.

-This is so powerful to me, and help me a lot.

Thank you nature and Mother Earth.



(English text after the Norwegian text).

Hun tar sine siste skritt.

Her hun kaller sitt hjem.

Hun snur seg og ser sine egne fotspor.

Hun var ikke klar over at de så slik ut.

Hun opplever at den ene foten skiller seg ut fra den andre.

Det er som hennes fotspor prøver å si henne noe.

Hennes fotspor er overalt på dette stedet.

Så mye følelser.

Hun ønsker bare å viske de bort.

Hun skal snart ut på en reise.

En reise der hun skal farge alle farger i regnbuen, i vinden og på sine vinger.

Hun ser for seg en hvit sommerfugl.

Flyr igjennom kraftig motvind.


Ligger livløs på bakken.

Hun stryker den varsomt.

Hun ser et lite sår i den skjøre kroppen.

Det vil alltid bli et arr.

Hun løfter den opp mot himmelen.

Håper den er sterk nok til å fly.

Sommerfuglens følehorn beveger seg opp og ned.

Retter litt på vingene sine.

Løfter seg opp og flyr.

Langt borte i horisonten er den bare en svart prikk.

I hånden hennes ligger sommerfuglens avtrykk igjen.

Sommerfuglens støv skinner som glitter i hennes hånd i alle mulige farger.

Så den hvite sommerfuglen var ikke helt hvit alikevel…

Den gjemte bare sin skjønnhet.

Kanskje en dag alle ser hvor vakker den fargeløse og hvite sommerfuglen er…




She takes her final steps.

Here she calls her home.

She turns around and sees her own footsteps.

She didn’t realize they looked like this.

She feels that one foot stands out from the other.

It’s like her footsteps trying to tell her something.

Her footsteps are everywhere in this place.

So much emotion.

She just wants to wipe them away.

She will soon be on a journey.

A journey where she will color all colors in the rainbow,

in the wind and in her colorless wings.

She envisions a white butterfly.

Feeling through heavy headwinds.


Lives lifeless on the ground.

She strokes it gently.

She sees a small wound in the fragile body.

It will always be a scar.

She lifts it up to the sky.

Hope it is strong enough to fly.

The butterfly’s feelings move up and down.

Turns its wings slightly.

Raises up and flies.

Long away from the horizon it is just a black shadow.

In her hand, the butterfly’s imprint is again.

Dust shines like glitter in her hand,

in all possible colors.

So the white colorless butterfly was not quite white anyway …

It just hid its beauty.

Maybe someday everyone sees how

beautiful the colorless and white butterfly is …


Norwegian nature embraces her soul🦋

(This post is only in English)

Norwgian nature, Norwegian blogger

In the mountains far in the big wide tundra she feels small. If Mother Earth decides to shake a little, she has no other choice to join in on what’s happening and let fate determine the outcome.

Norwegian nature Norwegian blogger

She sees so far the eye can reach, and the sun shines from the most beautiful blue sky. With paper and pencil she has next to her, she lays down in the snow.

She makes a snow angel … and embraces herself with the energy of nature.

Norwegian nature Norwegian blogger.

The blue sky reminds her that there is no end, nor any start up there, but a whole eternity. She closes her eyes and feels.

Feeling the force of her heartbeat and her Viking blood running in her vains.

Her blood bubbles and she can feel the presence of something she doesn’t know.

Only her imagination can put an end to her dreams ..

Norwegian nature, Norwegian blogger

Music notes appear as a movie in her head. Every note has its sound, every sound has its picture and every picture gives her a word …

Where the ancestors have settled from the old times it gives her roots from a time she has not seen, but which she can only feel.

The meditation helps her to sense the nature and it feels like home.

norwegian blogger Norwegian nature

Far down there she can hear the sound of Norway’s longest river. It crumbles, rush and flows like in a rosewood thirst for water.

At the end of the long miles it runs into the ocean and becomes one with the world.

She feels lucky to experience this. It smells like winter and spring. A summer mood at the bottom of the river where withered leaves turns into grass and moss.

Where the little sprouts of the trees and flowers are fighting for life to flourish. Everything will come to life after King Winter’s farewell.

She’s finished now, and thanks her spirit and soul, and thanks Mother Earth for this time. She knows she’s coming back in the summer. With a hope to flourish like the mountain in hope and faith.

At home in the sunset, she is grateful. She writes it down in a book she calls «Orchid Garden». Here she fills up the blank sheets with positive things and experiences.

She sits quietly until the sun has gone completely down. She can still feel the warmth of the sunset that spreads her colors around the world with a prayer to all of us for love.

In the sunrise the next morning there is a new day …

It’s quiet, only the birds that chirp a jolly song break the silence. Only the trees in her garden whiz a gently good morning and flutter with their big branches so her hair flutters.

She always has pen and paper with her, and this time she writes the notes in her mind in the form of a poem and she has her paint brush and colors ready.

What turns into life in her drawing book will she discover soon…



Livsmestring psykisk helse meditasjon orkidedatterart  norwegian blogger

Under meditasjon har jeg lært meg aksept. Å lære det som er- når det er.

Det har tatt meg tid, men for meg er det en nøkkel til å godta meg og mine tanker og følelser.

Trene på å være bevisst oppmerksom. Trene mine sanser og tankemønstre.

Jeg tror det er flere som kjører oss fast i et tankemønster og dette blir en vond spiral. Jeg har det, men nå går det bedre.

Dette er ikke bare å skru av en knapp, fordi jeg har ingen slik knapp på min kropp.

Jeg øver på å ha kontakt med meg selv, og ikke sitte å se på lenger i mitt eget liv. Med dette mener jeg at det er bare jeg som kan endre hvordan jeg vil ha det. Med hjelp av ulike metoder mestrer jeg dette.

Jeg hadde bare ønsket at jeg kunne dette for lenge siden.

Meditasjon var et ord jeg bare hadde hørt og det samme var det med mindfulness.

Når jeg begynte for noen år siden å bli nysgjerrig på dette og få føle dette på min egen kropp, forstod jeg verdien av det.

Å være oppmerksom på det som skjer inni meg selv, observere mine tanker og følelser.





During meditation I have learned acceptance. To learn what is when it is.

It has taken me time, but for me it’s a key to accepting me and my thoughts and feelings.

Exercise to be consciously aware. Exercise my senses and thought patterns.

I think there are several who drive us into a thought pattern and this becomes a bad spiral. I got it, but now it’s better.

This is not just turning off a button because I have no such button on my body.

I practice to have contact with myself and not to look any further in my own life. By this I mean that it is only me who can chang…

I had just wished I could do this long ago.

Meditation was a word I had only heard, and so was mindfulness.

When I began to be curious about this a few years ago and feel this on my own body, I understood the value of it.

To be aware of what is happening inside myself, observe my thoughts and feelings.




(English text after Norwegian text).

Mindfulness yoga psykisk helse mental health livskvalitet livsmestring norwegian blogger

Jeg har trent på Mindfulness en stund nå. Det tok meg tid å forstå og lære. Jeg har litt dårlig tolmodighet og ønsker at ting skal skje igår, om du skjønner.

Etter at jeg har blitt syk og ikke hadde det noe godt med meg selv ble jeg nødt til å gjøre noe. Jeg har alltid vært interessert i annerledes treningsformer og det åndelige i oss mennesker.

Det er ikke så annerledes nå og heldigvis mere anerkjent.

Uansett, jeg ble med på kurs både i yoga og mindfulness. Dette gikk ut på den praktiske delen og lite forklaring på hvorfor. Jeg savnet dette. Altså en dypere innsikt.

Når jeg skaffet meg denne har det gått lettere for meg.

Det jeg begynte med var grunnholdningene i Mindfulness:

  • vennlighet- ovenfor det jeg opplever, kritiske tanker, kroppsfornemmelser.
  • åpenhet- for det jeg har opplevd, tilstede med alt som dukker opp i oss selv.
  • nybegynnersinn- å oppleve det jeg sanser som om det var første gang.
  • tålmodighet- overfor meg selv og tanker, sammenligninger, følelser, sanser.
  • utholdenhet- anerkjenne hvordan det er akkurat nå uten å «flykte «.
  • mot- til å være bevisst i kontakt med det jeg opplever og konfrontasjoner av. sider ved meg selv som kanskje ikke jeg visste jeg hadde og som jeg unngår.

Jeg fant dette veldig utfordrende og tenkte «mørkt» med engang, men jeg gir ikke opp og ga det en sjangse. Jeg er dypt takknemlig for det.

Jeg har fått det mye bedre med meg selv psykisk, lytte og vende oppmerksomheten innover i meg selv, og blitt mye bedre på å stoppe opp i hverdagen, puste og sanse og skyve de mørke tankene vekk.

Hvordan: jeg ønsker tankene mine velkommen som om de skal være gjester i mitt hus hos meg. Tar de vennlig imot og når det er på tide å gå, sier jeg hyggelig farvel og lukker døra.

Det krever at du er god på å visualisere.




I’ve been training at Mindfulness for a while now. It took me time to understand and learn. I have a little bit of patience and want things to happen yesterday, if you understand.

After getting sick and not having any good with myself, I had to do something. I have always been interested in other and different types of training and the spiritual in us humans.

It’s not that different now and fortunately more recognized.

Anyway, I attended courses in both yoga and mindfulness. This went into the practical part and little explanation of why. I missed this. So a deeper insight.

When I got this, it’s been easier for me.

What I started with was the basics of Mindfulness:

  • Kindness – above what I am experiencing, critical thoughts, body sensations.
  • Openness – for what I have experienced, present with everything appearing in ourselves.
  • beginner’s experience of what I sense as if it were the first time.
  • patience – to myself and thoughts, comparisons, feelings, senses.
  • perseverance – recognize how it is right now without «fleeing.»
  • opposed to being conscious in contact with what I experience and confronting. pages of myself that maybe I didn’t know I had and which I avoid.

I found this very challenging and thought «dark» at once, but I don’t give up and gave it a chance. I am deeply grateful for that.

I have been getting much better with myself mentally, listening and turning my attention in myself, and becoming much better at stopping everyday, breathing and sensing and pushing away the dark thoughts.

How: I want to welcome my thoughts as if they are guests in my house with me. Taking them kindly and when it’s time to go, I say goodbye and close the door.

It requires you to be good at visualizing.



(Engelsk tekst etter Norwegian text)

Livsmestring og livskvalitet

life management and quality of life yoga mindfulness medition Norwegian blogger Norwegian blood Yoga life management

Jeg øver og strever i livet mitt med å være til stede her og nå. Jeg har funnet ut at det er forskjell på å være til stede. Det å være i -her og nå- situasjon med familie går helt fint, men å fokusere på bare meg, det er utfordrende.

Jeg har funnet noen yoga stillinger som passer til meg og de utfordringene jeg har og må lære meg å leve med. Det har tatt sin tid, men det er gull verdt den tiden. Ikke for å nevne at det tok meg et år å få til Yoga….

Jeg setter på musikk som passer meg og skal -bli ett med meg selv- og der hopper hjernen min ut av flytsonen og finner på helt andre ting. Jeg må skikkelig fokusere og si til meg selv at jeg må tilbake hit- her og nå-. Det er bare det at min hjerne kjennes ut som at den blir dratt av mange hundre ville hester og styrter av gårde så fort den bare kan og jeg blir ikke med…

Ganske så utfordrende egentlig, for min del. Jeg skuer bort på yogaballen…. Kanskje i morgen. Jeg blir fort kritisk til meg selv, snakker meg selv ned med dette at jeg ikke klarer og føler meg mislykka. Når denne «mislykkafølelsen» kommer er det bare å pakke sammen og finne på noe annet, men i dag, da bestemte jeg meg for å kjempe imot. Jeg har hatt noen vellykket yoga seanser og etter jeg begynte med mindfullnes trening har jeg blitt «sterkere».

Jeg finner en av mine favorittstillinger -krigeren- og jeg er klar….kom igjen tanke og følelse, nå skal du motgang finne… Jeg tenker på pusten, kjempe viktig, og jeg har jo pustet fra halsen og opp de siste 20 årene… Rett i bekkenet og armene i posisjon. Hvor ble det av tanken…den er borte, det er følelsen som sitter igjen inni meg.

Jeg vet hva jeg skal ta tak i og er forberedt. Jeg sliter med tankekjør, stress, mental urolighet, masse tanker og følelser som er negative. Nå føler jeg meg klar til å ta tak i dette. Desember 2018 ble vendepunktet og jeg bestemte meg for å gjøre endringer i mitt liv. Joda, jeg har fortsatt unnskyldninger for å ikke fullføre en trening eller sette igang endringsprosessen. Det er bare det at jeg har ikke følt denne følelsen jeg har på lenge, vi snakker år. Kroppen og sinnet er nå i gang og jeg må ta invitasjonen.

Min mann er min største pådriver, inspirasjon og støtte. Min sønn er min største motivasjon.

Endelig, nå skal jeg klare det. Jeg skal «slåss» for at mine gamle følelser blir tatt i mot, bearbeidet, lagret og sendt videre. Jeg tar ansvar for mitt liv.

Sinnsro – kontroll -. harmoni, det meste av tiden i hvert fall, mere enn hva jeg har nå er målet.

Vell, det var den treningen for i dag, den ble litt annerledes, men oppklarende.

Håper du har en fin dag og gjør noe positivt for deg som gir deg energi<3




Life management and quality of life
I practice and strive in my life to be present here and now. I have found that there is a difference between being present. Being in -her and now-situation with family goes just fine, but focusing on just me, it’s challenging.

I have found some yoga positions that suit me and the challenges I have and have to learn to live with. It has taken its time, but it is gold worth that time. Not to mention that it took me a year to get to Yoga (-understand it….)

I put on music that suits me and will- stat in one with myself – and there my brain jumps out of the floating zone and finds completely different things. I must really focus and say to myself that I must go back here and now -. It’s just that my brain feels like it’s being dragged by many hundreds of wild horses and crashing as soon as it can and I’m not going …

Quite so challenging really, for my part. I’ll look at the yoga ball … Maybe tomorrow. I quickly become critical of myself, talking myself down with this that I can’t manage and feel unsuccessful. When this «failure feeling» comes, just pack up and find something else, but today, I decided to fight against it. I have had some successful yoga sessions and after I started with mindful training I have become «stronger».

I find one of my favorite position – the warrior – and I am ready …. come back thought and feeling, now you will find adversity … I think of breath, fight important, and I have breathed from the neck and up the last 20 years … Straight in the pelvis and arms in position. Where it came from the thought … it’s gone, it’s the feeling that’s left inside me.

I know what to do and prepare. I struggle with thinking, stress, mental unrest, lots of thoughts and feelings that are negative. Now I feel ready to address this.

December 2018 became the turning point and I decided to make changes in my life. Yes, I still have excuses for not completing a training or initiating the change process. It’s just that I haven’t felt this feeling for a long time, we’re talking years. The body and mind are now underway and I have to take the invitation.

My husband is my greatest driving force, inspiration and support. My son is my greatest motivation.

Finally, now I have to do it. I will «fight» for my old feelings to be received, processed, stored and passed on. I take responsibility for my life.

Peace of mind – control -. harmony, most of the time at least, more than what I have now is the goal.

Well, that was the training for today, it got a little different, but clear.

Hope you have a nice day and do something positive for you who gives you energy.


Under the surface

(English text after the Norwegian text)

Under the surface Norwegian nature Norwegian poem prosaist Norwegian blogger Norwegian blood

Jeg føler i hele min kropp at den ikke har det bra. Jeg tenker på hva jeg kan gjøre for å få den bedre.

Jeg setter meg ned og lytter.

Jeg vender oppmerksomheten innover i meg.

Hva har jeg behov for akkurat nå.

Alle disse følelsene.

Alle disse kroppslige symptomene.

Tankekjøret i hodet mitt.

Jeg tar en tur ut i naturen.

Jeg setter meg ned og mine øyne blir dratt imot vannskorpa, og jeg lurer på hva som skjuler seg under der.

Jeg sammenligner meg selv med under overflaten.

Jeg har også speilbilde, likt som skogen speiler seg i vannet.

Jeg er både mørk og dyp, og ingen vet hva som ligger på dypet innerst i min sjel.

Jeg ser isen smelter, og en dråpe triller ned i vannet. Lager ringer som utvider seg og forsvinner i evigheten.

En dråpe er lik en tåre med to ulike betydninger. Mine tårer smaker av salt. Naturens tårer smaker av det reneste lys.

Ringene i vannet tolker jeg som når jeg skjelver av alt for mange følelser i mitt hjerte. Bare mine ringer fortsetter og fortsetter, de forsvinner ikke, ikke ennå.

Jeg kan sitte slik i naturen i skogen ved vannet lenge.

Jeg puster med magen og finner roen etter å ha sortert tanker og følelser.

Fyller hele meg med naturens egen energi og er takknemlig.

Skogen er stille idag, men et lite vindpust stryker meg på kinnet akkurat når jeg skal gå.

Jeg snur meg, ser nærmere inn i skogen… ned i vannet… jeg kan se meg selv der nede.

Langt der nede.

Jeg ser to av meg, og de slåss med hverandre.

Hvem vinner denne kampen?

Det er akkurat det jeg skal finne ut.



Under the surface…

I can feel in my body that it not doing well.

I think about what I can do to get it better.

I sit down and listen. I turn my attention inward.

What do I need right now.

All these feelings.

All these bodily symptoms.

Thought in my head.

I take a trip out into nature.

I sit down and my eyes are dragged against the water crust, and I wonder what is hiding under the surface,  in the deep dark water.

I compare myself to below the surface.

I also have a mirror image, just as the forest is reflected in the water.

I am both dark and deep, and no one knows what inside deep in my soul.

I see the ice melt, and a drop rolls into the water.

Layer rings that expand and disappear in eternity.

One drop is similar to a tear with two different meanings.

My tears taste like salt. Nature’s tears taste of the purest light.

The rings in the water I interpret as when I tremble with too many feelings in my heart.

Only my rings continue and continue, they do not disappear, not yet.

I can sit in the nature in the woods by the water for a long time.

I take a deep breathe and find calmness after sorting thoughts and feelings.

Fills me with nature’s own energy and I am grateful.

The forest is quiet today, but a little gust of wind strokes me on the cheek just when I am going.

I turn around, look closer into the forest … down into the water …

I can see myself down there. Far down there.

I see two of me and they fight with each other.

Who will win this fight?

That’s exactly what I’m going to find out.



Meditation – mindfulness

(English text after the Norwegian)

En tidlig morgen jeg begynte å tegne og male idag. Solen stod opp og Norge viser seg fra sin beste side når det gjelder vinterværet her jeg bor. Jeg føler for å ta noe yoga og meditasjon ute, og pakker sammen og drar.


Jeg mediterer av og til og bruker ulike meditasjonsverktøy som er virkningsfulle for meg. Jeg har prøvd mange ulike meditasjoner og jeg har funnet mine favoritter. Jeg prøver forsatt nye om jeg lærer dette. Jeg må prøve dem noen ganger for å få opplevelsen, for å få igjenn for meditasjonen og ikke minst gi avkall på energi som ikke tjener meg og få ny energi.

Meditasjon healing meditation livsmestring psykisk helse jeg ser deg akademiet livet er magisk mindfullnes Norway Norwegian blogger livet er magisk jeg ser deg akademiet healing meditasjon ute tilstedeværelse stående meditasjon

Det tok meg litt tid å forstå og lære meditasjon og mindfulness. Å møte sin egen kropp på et dypere nivå var vanskelig for meg. Mange ganger utløste det flashback og det ble veldig tøft.

Etter traumebehandling har jeg blitt bedre, men…

Jeg følte at sjelen min prøvde å fortelle meg noe, men jeg var god på å IKKE lytte. Til en dag jeg leste noe som stod i ei bok. Jeg måtte bare følge hjertet mitt.

Jeg dro på kurs i healing og meditasjon. En verden av det alternative åpnet seg for meg. Jeg finner ikke andre ord enn at min sjel har kommet hjem.

Jeg fikk veiledning og hjelp her som jeg aldri kan få sagt med ord hvor takknemlig jeg er, men jeg tror de vet.

Jeg øver og øver. Jeg famler litt og bruker litt tid. Jeg blir kjent med kroppen min og mitt sinn på en helt annen måte enn hva jeg trodde.

Å være tilstede i akkurat her og nå. Å oppleve øyeblikket av kroppslige fornemmelser, følelser, drifter, impulser og tanker og mer bare ved å vende oppmerksomheten mot dette.

Jeg skal klare det. Jeg skal bli en bedre utgave av meg selv og med hjelp av å finne nøkkelen til aksept må jeg følge denne stien.

Jeg bare vet at dette er veien å gå.



An early morning I started drawing and painting today. The sun rise and Norway showed up from its best side when it comes to winter weather here I live. I feel like taking some yoga and meditation outside.


Meditation – mindfulness.

I sometimes meditate and use different meditation tools that are effective for me. I’ve tried many different meditations and I’ve found my favorites. I still try new when and if I learn this. I have to try them sometimes to get the experience, to get to know the meditation and to give up energy that doesn’t serve me anymore and get new energy.

It took me some time to understand and learn meditation and mindfulness. Meeting my own body at a deeper level was difficult for me. Many times it triggered flashback and it got really tough.

After trauma treatment I have improved, but …

I felt that my soul was trying to tell me something, but I was good at NOT listening. One day I read something, and I knew – I just had to follow my heart.

I went on a course in healing and meditation. A world of that alternative opened to me. I find no other word but my soul has come home.

I got guidance and help which I can never say with words how grateful I am, but I think they know.

I practice and practice. I grope a little and spend some time. I get to know my body and my mind in a completely different way than I thought.

Being present in -right here and now-. To experience the moment of bodily sensations, feelings, impulses, and thoughts and more just by turning your attention to your heart, soul and deep inside you…

I will make it. I’m going to be a better version of myself and with the help of finding the key to acceptance I have to follow this path.

-I just know this is the way to go. –


Thank you for reading, and make you a great day…🦋