Christmas’s dark wish…

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Your body is like winter wonderland

unique as a snow crystal.

I have a desire to lick all your drops

of candy.

Swallow your nectar to taste you within.

You are my Mr. Christmas,

I’m your grief,

going togheter like fire and ice.

A want to exhale Christmas spirit, but all my

heartstrings plays is a melody of sadness,

I curl up and hide.

Outside the snow silently settled.

You understand the world inside me.

You told me sacred secrets to close a chapter in

my soul.

My noisy mind began to smile.

All the little things created to shapes in colours

lit a fire deep down.

You touched me like Angels wings,

faded away all my fear.

You grab my hair.

Your sensual hands holding my hips,

you pushed me up against the wall.

A Christmas hot mystery of explosive fireworks

that’s wandered right into between my legs.

You are my savior soul I longing for.

I tease your luscious lips

and seduce those to mine,

take you with my tounge

to a distance that make you forget to breath.

We are dancing in the flames.

I’m breathing harder and faster.

We loose controll.

We thouch the sky.

Shooting stars falling behind my rolling eyes.

You inhale that alluring cent of my lotus,

you bring all my petals out.

Sweatbathed skin skim across of lust and every

forward thrust straddling the fine line between

pain and passion.

The moment our heart’s pulses

and two souls screams in mercy…

You are hard as ice.

As a waterfall I flow down your magic part

of lovemaking.

You are slaying my wrong side of my

heart and completes us on a seldom level.

I collapse when you squeeze my mountains

and you make me some milk

sweet and thick…

I moan for both of us when

each little dark wish of mine

comes true the night before Christmas…


Epic love moment

she moves her body up

he pulled his mouth from her lips

and breathed warmly

it was a welcome feeling

he puts one then two fingers

into her and worked

equally well

on her little butterfly too

she feels the goose skin spread

and she let her nectar flow around

his hand

with his tongue he tasted her

and made a sexy «mmh» sound

she was so ready to know him

with his strong arms he turned

her around easily and flicked her

hard on the buttocks

she got more wet and threw her hair back

he realized what she wanted

he grabbed the long bright hair

and pushed himself deeper within her

so hard that she was not prepared

he laughed playfully a lovely

dark laugh that made her

feel weaker for him and

for this epic love moment in her life.




(English text after the Norwegian text)

Hun smuldret som varm ved i hans hender

hun plasserte den ene hånden

varsomt rundt nakken hans

hun kjente hans pust

hun følte hans bryst gikk opp og ned i takt

med hans hjerterytme

hun hvilte sine lepper nærme hans

hun følte hans ønske om

å måtte ha henne

hun hørte han sukket hennes navn

hun svelget og en herlig latter med

kjærlighet runget ut av hennes munn

et endeløs øyeblikk og hun mistet seg selv

i hans armer

hun la hodet sitt bakover og lot

han kysse henne dypt over halsen

og brystene

hans hender begynte å utforske hennes


med et smil om hennes søte lepper

og en eksplosjon nærmer seg

han griper hennes lange hår og drar det


ser henne dypt inn i hennes forgudede


og hun røver til seg hans ønske etter






She crumbled like hot wood in his hands

she placed one hand

carefully around his neck

she can feel his breath

she feel his chest went

up and down in

pace with his heartbeats

she rested her lips close to him

she senses his passion

longing to have her

she hear he sighed her name

she swallowed and a lovely laugh with

love got out of her mouth

an endless moment and she lost herself

in his arms

she laid her head back and faded

he kissed her deeply over her neck

and her breasts

his hands began to explore her body

with a smile on her cute lips

an explosion approach

he grabs her long hair and pulls it


looks deep into her sparkling eyes

and she rip off his desire for her.



My storm

everytime I breathe in

I feel the smell of you

every time I breathe out

I have to tremble

every time I touch you

I feel my butterfly swelling

every time I look into your eyes my


knocking hard

every time I let you embrace me

I become so wet that I almost drown

I let my juices flow like a river down your


when I let myself be a hurricane

you and I are in

the middle of the


only you and I making

love in the silence…



The secret

He loves her when she

is a secret

Her heart is swelling with


she twist her tongue and

her blood is rushing

She feels stars in his


Her lips shape his name

He taste her lust delightful

Bodies lick with motions

Her fingertips on his


He grab her hair and napping

to her neck

She is drowning in his arms

He embraces himself around her

She kisses his lips slowly

He breathes harder

She satisfies all his wants

He smells her desire

She can feel his heartbeat

His fingers dance along

her jaw

whispering something in

her ear

no one else know

Her flames of passion

as you plung within her


and write her into his story.



(English text after the Norwegian)

Hun kan føle det.

Smelter som en isrose som renner vekk og blir til en våt flekk.

Hennes hud knopper seg som vårens blomster.

Hjertet slår fortere og hardere som en sommerfugls første flyvetur.

Hennes sjel trollbinder hele hennes kropp.

Hennes blod flommer som en stri elv.

Føler hjerterytmen.

Hun lukker øynene.

Føler hun svulmer opp, det sitrer

og dunker.


Hun hikster.

Hennes attrå våkner.

De smelter sammen og blir ett i denne verden.

Et annet sted.







She can feel it.

Melt like an icerose that trickle away

and turns into a wet spot.

Her skin buds like spring flowers.

The heart beats faster and harder as a butterfly’s first flight.

Her soul captivates her entire body.

Her blood rush like a river.

Feel the heart rhythm.

She closes her eyes.

She feels swollen.



She can feels her urges.

They melt together and

become one in this world.

Another place, within the stars, explosion.