Epic love moment

she moves her body up

he pulled his mouth from her lips

and breathed warmly

it was a welcome feeling

he puts one then two fingers

into her and worked

equally well

on her little butterfly too

she feels the goose skin spread

and she let her nectar flow around

his hand

with his tongue he tasted her

and made a sexy «mmh» sound

she was so ready to know him

with his strong arms he turned

her around easily and flicked her

hard on the buttocks

she got more wet and threw her hair back

he realized what she wanted

he grabbed the long bright hair

and pushed himself deeper within her

so hard that she was not prepared

he laughed playfully a lovely

dark laugh that made her

feel weaker for him and

for this epic love moment in her life.



47 kommentarer om “Epic love moment

    1. I love it when you become speechless🦋You read my poems like a river flowing down the clips in Norway. Thank you so much.
      I really hope one day you will love someone in such a way.
      Wow, read your thoughts, you never know😉
      A big hug from a fan of you.

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      1. Lillian, There is such beauty of Love expressed in your work, Two people sharing themselves without hesitation or reservation..completely, it brings ones senses to life as though I am experiencing them physically myself. Thank You Again!

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      2. Wow, that was quite a compliment🦋I can’t find any English words to describe how you make me feel.
        Thank you. You fill my heart with such joy, and you touch my soul.
        I am so grateful.
        Thank you.

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    1. Wow, for a beautiful sentence you tell me, thank you very much🦋It means a lot to me that my words speak to you, and you give me feedback and I am so grateful for your support.
      Thank you😊


  1. I love this, let ms tell you a story…
    my farther and I walked all the way through town, past the doughnut shop, past the Chevron station and past the miniature golf course. He opened a bottle and handed it to me first, so I took it, drank it and handed it back to him all without saying a word.
    on the other side of town we reached a house with a red awning… I’ll never forget that awning, the shutters would flap in the breeze, and the porch light had a warm glow; I remember the warm summer air had a sent of fresh cut alfalfa. My father walked up the front steps and knocked on the door. I started to get really nervous as I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone. The door was opened and this woman with long beautiful red hair was standing in the door way, he father fell into her arms; she gripped him tight and was kissing him all over, my father however was weeping like a baby… my father crying… Between them, there was this girl… I was staring at her and she was staring at me, it was like we knew each other from somewhere, but couldn’t guess where… It was that moment, that very moment I knew we would always be in love.

    Not my story, but I love it non the less…
    «Fool For love» by Sam Shepard

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    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your read and feedback🦋
      Wow, your story- took me on an emotional journey, I could feel it deep in my heart, that moment…🦋
      Thank you for letting me read that story.
      I wish you a great day.
      Thank you.

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      1. Ok, I was just curious since you said what you said. Maybe I watch you on my television in Norway then?
        Well, keep up doing this monolog on your auditions, If they do not feel anything it may not be the right place for you🦋I don’t know, but it was really really wonderful.
        Take care… where are you from?
        Love from Norway.

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      2. Awe, thank you, I will watch them right now, I really appreciate. You are too kind🦋
        Australia, a wonderful country, never been there, but I know several people who have traveled there to study and have seen so many great places.
        Nice to get to know you a little bit.
        Do you have instagram?

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      3. Oh my oh my… What a beautiful start in the morning here in Norway. I loved it. I love the way you talk with the little breathing space where I can let your words sink in and then you continue the magic and then you start and sing…
        And I’m like a butterfly flying off on adventures. I get enthralled by you and what you master to do on stage.
        The beautiful crack you have in your voice hits me in the heart. How you catch me and how you mean what you say and your empathy makes my soul believe in you. You also got my tears thrown down my cheeks, because I get speechless, but my heart still speaks.
        My mind starts to make his own movie, and I am in it…
        Thank you for letting me watch this, I am so grateful. You are very talented🦋
        Maybe I will one day make a blogpost about you and this moment rigth now I am experiencing🦋if I get your permission?
        Thank you from depths of my heart.

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      1. You make me smile, thank you. I love butterflies and they mean something special to me. It also became like that when I started blogging on wordpress, before I revealed my real name, because Orkidedatter is Norwegian and difficult for many to pronounce, so then many of my followers began to call me their butterfly and it follows me everywhere.
        Thank you.


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