(English text after the Norwegian text)

Hun smuldret som varm ved i hans hender

hun plasserte den ene hånden

varsomt rundt nakken hans

hun kjente hans pust

hun følte hans bryst gikk opp og ned i takt

med hans hjerterytme

hun hvilte sine lepper nærme hans

hun følte hans ønske om

å måtte ha henne

hun hørte han sukket hennes navn

hun svelget og en herlig latter med

kjærlighet runget ut av hennes munn

et endeløs øyeblikk og hun mistet seg selv

i hans armer

hun la hodet sitt bakover og lot

han kysse henne dypt over halsen

og brystene

hans hender begynte å utforske hennes


med et smil om hennes søte lepper

og en eksplosjon nærmer seg

han griper hennes lange hår og drar det


ser henne dypt inn i hennes forgudede


og hun røver til seg hans ønske etter






She crumbled like hot wood in his hands

she placed one hand

carefully around his neck

she can feel his breath

she feel his chest went

up and down in

pace with his heartbeats

she rested her lips close to him

she senses his passion

longing to have her

she hear he sighed her name

she swallowed and a lovely laugh with

love got out of her mouth

an endless moment and she lost herself

in his arms

she laid her head back and faded

he kissed her deeply over her neck

and her breasts

his hands began to explore her body

with a smile on her cute lips

an explosion approach

he grabs her long hair and pulls it


looks deep into her sparkling eyes

and she rip off his desire for her.



37 kommentarer om “Desire

  1. This is Beautiful.. Reading Erotic Poetry iS A Truly Holy And Transcendent
    Experience And in Writing
    It Hours Will Feel
    Like Minutes
    Truly the
    Of Transcendence
    Is Also Bio-FeedBack
    To Master totally
    Really it
    Should be taught
    In Church Now as it
    Is one of the Oldest
    And Most Natural ways to
    Become one With God
    That isn’t over in less
    Than 5 Minutes
    Clock Time…
    Very Few People
    Understand the Full
    Value in our Modern
    Age And even if they
    Do.. too
    Modern Distractions
    To ever Visit God this
    Way.. Mystics.. True
    The Sacred
    Nature.. Particularly
    Sufi Mystics With their
    Spiraling Dervish Dance
    Too as We are Equipped
    To See God
    As one
    Force Within
    Inside Outside
    Above So Below
    And All Around
    Just by Our Born-
    On Nature of Who
    We Truly are in
    Freest Naked
    Dance and Song Spiraling
    Dance may also be Found
    In Thoth’s Emerald Tablets too.. Just Free to
    Spiraling Finger
    Prints Below Above
    Smiles the only Real
    Scientific Evidence
    Of Precognition
    Is after subjects
    View Erotic Pictured
    Cards.. it’s Simple it
    Takes ‘em out of
    Their Neo-Cortex
    Puts ‘em in
    Flow to
    Reach the
    Rest of God
    Potential in a
    Mind of Flow
    Out of Neo-Cortical
    Limiting Distance
    Space and Time


    1. Than you so much🦋You touch my soul and warm my heart. I am so grateful for your kind words and that my words speak to you that way❤️I really appreciate your feedback on my heart, thank you so much❤️🦋
      I have so much issues by thinking that I am good at it, I am an expert to talk myself down……
      Therefore your kind words mean more to me than you imagine❤️
      I wish you a wonderful day.

      Likt av 2 personer

      1. I know you didn’t, it is okei, I just wanna be honest with you❤️and thank you so much, I nearly cry now, because you are so sweet. I really appreciate your support. I am practice each day🦋
        May I give you a big hug💜thank you🦋

        Likt av 2 personer

  2. All the love poems you write are amazing especially the sensual ones ❤ the feelings and description are so amazing especially the pace you follow 🙂 Great share dear Lillian, I hope your week is great ❤

    Likt av 1 person

    1. I am so thrilled that you like my poems, it means more to me than you can imagine🦋 Thank you so much, I am so honored, humbled and gratefull.
      I am so happy that you interpret my art that you do🦋
      Thank you.

      Likt av 1 person

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