The mask of flame

My own art @orkidedatter_artist

A closed world and betrayed by all.

I`m cold and freezing, no one to hold me.

I lose my mind, accustomed to the concept of

being sad.

They took my body, slayed my joy of life.

Masks of dark shadows in the night, beckon in

the moonlight.

A mind molestad by malicious madness,

tearing me apart.

My deathly demise seems to be my embrace to

a better place.

The wolf`s heart trembles in misunderstood


The wings of the unknown demon strike me on

the cheek,

down my jaws to my spine and pain burned

like a hidden

love in disguise.

The mask of flame hunts me in the darkest

night, a ghost from

my past is back.

My heart is silent.

A beautiful silence in the middle of a black


A bloody fist, a broken mirror, my shadow is


Peripheral view moved along us, made to be


Bats piercing my mind with toxit tears and


I have no chance, everything is fake, cold and a

empty coffin

with human body dust.

My first breathe in this world and I was already


I am not a soul that is on a dead or alive


I am invisible and not worthy to breathe.

When the mask of flames ignite again….



3 kommentarer om “The mask of flame

  1. The Distance of Love

    Is Always Within

    Such A Hard


    Of Cold
    Dead Living
    Bones i Earned

    Then Laying Next to
    A Most A Most Beautiful
    Loving FLoWeR on the Planet

    Earth my Wife Of Course With SMiLes…

    The Distance of Love Is Always Within Now

    How A Beautiful FLoWeR Laying Next to Us

    Or A Flower

    of Spring

    We Will

    Not Feel As

    Beauty TeacheS iNdeed…

    True Some Folks Will Make

    An All Loving Servant Leader

    Into A Selfish Trump King

    True The Distance

    Of Love is Always

    Within For We

    See How

    This Lesson

    Is Earned And

    Learned All Around Us
    Now Unmasked to See And

    Hopefully For ‘Them’ To Still Breathe…

    For True ‘They’ are Us too Only Disguised

    By The Distance of Love Is Always Within

    SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard FLoWeR Your

    Poetry is DarK Real And BLacK Rose Rare

    For It is From the Darkness That We Find

    The RiSinG Rose Red Blood And

    Thorns Whole LeSSoN

    Earned The Distance

    of Love Is Always

    Within Oh



    Lovers Bleed too… Rose

    Lost From THorn’s FLoWeR

    Yet To Be RiSeN RoSE Distance From Love Whole..:)

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