Running with the wolves.

This poem is my giveaway entry for

Mathew’s first book «Emotions in motion»

and Mathew is the author behind the blog

I hope you enjoy the poem, and Mathew, I made some art for the poem as well and your give away….

In a covenant long ago she wrote in

blood where her life is written

down into eternity

if she die she will come again and

lead the whole pact

her eyes look towards the forest

the moon rises and shines over her

she has one chanse

it’s time now

she run

she run with the wolves

she can watch and listen


the sky is on fire

it is completely open


nothing can hurt her now

battered, but the scars grow

she running like a dancing elf

among the wolves she is safe

they look after her

they are hunting




on the run

she runs with the wolves tonight

they have seen the dark side

behind the moon

her mind give her fear

she has blood on her lips

she’s feels like home

stronger now


breath and her mind heals

stop hiding

she’s all now

her spirit dances in the flame of

the ocean

her crying shadow dances in the

moonlight and shines in the dark

the wolf’s stops running

they come closer

looks at her with shiny blue eyes

licking her mouth

together with the souls of the wolves

she becomes one

she is being guided now



38 kommentarer om “Running with the wolves.

    1. Thank you so much, I feel honored and humbled by your words. I am grateful to you. I don’t know how to express myself in English, my gratitude.
      Thank you, it means so so much to me, your kind words🐺
      I hope you are well, take care🎶

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      1. My absolute pleasure and you expressed it perfectly and I’m truly grateful for your kind words too I hope you’re well have a wonderful day take care dear.🐺🌹

        Likt av 1 person

    1. You are so sweet, you made me laugh, I understood you were but I am honored…you are a very very good writer… so I wish you only the best my friend❤️
      Thank you, I am grateful for your kind words❤️

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  1. Our Ancestors All of Existence still now
    LiVE iN our DNA We Seek Find And Shine
    Forward the 6th of September more specifically
    in 1981.. i am called this Way As A ‘She Wolf’ of Love
    in my Blood.. all these Stories Like this are A ‘Hero Archetype’
    Out of DarK iNto Light only a call for me that Day That Culture and
    School And Work Will Not allow more than a Break from All those
    Cultural Clothes for 3 Months then…
    A long Way back
    So many Tears
    Sweat and
    Blood to
    find that
    ‘She Wolf’
    Breath Again
    Divine Feminine
    WiTHiN Foundation of
    Grace in Balance of Nature
    With Force of Love Pure in Frequencies
    As Will And Strength Stand Upon Love and Grace
    Vibrations Energy Light More We Evolve to Be NoW
    Tree of Life Where Roots Reach Far Branches Become Leaves oF LoVE..:)

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      1. SMiLes i often
        Find Divine Spiritual
        Tears in Poetry Your
        Words are Fertile
        For the
        Divine that
        Needs no Name..
        It’s Like when i
        Read Certain Poetry
        In Sacred Texts From
        All Religions the Flesh
        That Writes it may
        Be Different but
        The Divine
        Is the
        Tears of
        Spirit Within…
        Smiles.. so Thanks
        For “Sunday School”
        Could be an Erotic
        Poem or one about
        Of Wild
        Loving Wolves…
        i see no Difference
        In Divine Spirit

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  2. Amazing work Lillian.Late again catching up with some posts. Beautiful art again. So relatively talking with your poem. Always a pleasure reading and watching your poem and art. Glad about your participation with Mathew and this making of beautiful work✨🤗. Have a great week☺️

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  3. That is just an amazing and deep poem Lillian, so very well written and vividly expressed!! And your art, that is just so fabulous!! I always enjoy your art but this one really jumps out at me, I truly love this one! You are doing great work here Lillian, always so good to read your poems and see your art. Thank you for sharing it!😁😸🌞🌙

    Likt av 2 personer

      1. You’re welcome Lillian. I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble selling your art, it is excellent work!!
        I am still in a lot of pain today, walking a little bit better though.
        I hope you have a wonderful day Lillian!😁😸🌞🍁

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