-The fallen winter rose-

This is a collaboration with the amazing wordsmith, writer and poet


and it is Nathan who is the author behind this blog.

Nathan is a good friend from across the ocean and he is a lovely soul with a warm heart.

He write poems and short stories and even few lines. His few lines are so powerful and with so much meaning so I become speechless.

His poems is so heart touching with vividly imagery so my mind spinning around and just won’t leave the world Nathan create.

His short stories is like a colorful rainbow. You want to be among his beautiful words and pictures and the taste of glory and love and sorrow and pain.

You always captivated me with your words.

You always mesmerize me with your words.

you always make me catch a feeling.

My dark soul and my dark heart will always twisted me in his pure red heart and shiny soul.

He want to create a world for everyone to enjoy and Nathan, your mission is complete.

Give him a follow and your love and be enchanted by his words.

You are a big star in my eyes and I am always looking forward to your words. I am so grateful to you❤️yes, I give you a little heart with so much meaning because I can’t thank you enough.

You will set the world on fire…

I feel honored and humbled to write this poem with you. You was such a delight to work with, thank you.

My art of interpretation to the poem.

-The fallen winter rose-

Let us go, then, back:

to summer,

where long looks languid lie in

the 8:34 sunset breeze 

necks stretched back to catch a corner of

the sky

hearts on fire

the silent retreats

(every time our eyes meet, the long looks of

diamond and pearl and saffron

and jade surrender themselves and sink

into an ocean of tendernesses):

A seed, a little piece of something more

a heaven, a haven, a refuge for restless

thoughts that

don`t let the memory fade though the

night-time disappears like 

last drops of an angel’s tears shaken from

the end of a juniper bough,

the spark of a new dawn, a raid on the

inarticulate, a salve 

for the murmurings of a broken heart.

Let us, then, go back,

tilbake til den endelige sangen,

siste dansen

til jorden, svidd, i ild fra en gnist innenfra

til brenningen, kloringen, krypingen

(lost, not forgotten, a fleeting emotion, a

ghost, hunting

a spirit of unconsecrated yearning railing


the knowing and the unknowing and the

wall between your cell

and mine).

Let us go back to the rose petal 




from the spaces between lion and

the dove,

a touch of sorrow, an open wound 

undressed, a starless night, a cloud

on the face of the sapphire moonlight –

a path, a melody, the strange sadness 

that runs slowly through your veins

every August 24th

(congealing memory and condensing solace

into the

back alley cornerstone of an age that


was ours to begin with),

men, husk meg som pusten som blåste ut

lyset og tente de mørkeste tankene dine

med et kyss fra en fallende vinter rose.

-Orkidedatter & Nathan https://themythofprometheus.wordpress.com

43 kommentarer om “-The fallen winter rose-

  1. What Color What Time What Space
    Matter Distance Do Thorns And
    Flowers Come
    That Fall
    And Rise
    A Rose of
    Love Dancing
    Singing More Than
    A Dance And Song Before
    Life Is Poetry Love is Dance
    And Song Relating Fall And
    Rise of
    Come Now Alive Nature ALL
    Wind Sees Water Breathes
    Ease of Tranquility Souls To Be
    Smiles As Always Thanks For
    Your Inspiring Words Friend Lillian
    Orchard Daughter ‘Orkidèdatter’ too..:)

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. I try to follow your page, but I can’t find it… «is not longer available» I don’t know why I get this message.
      I try a little bit later, because my internet is sometimes bad-I live deep in the forest in Norway…😂
      Ok, see you my friend.

      Likt av 1 person

  2. «every time our eyes meet, the long looks of
    diamond and pearl and saffron
    and jade surrender themselves and sink
    into an ocean of tendernesses)»

    Very beautiful play on words. Loving it 🙂 I hope you guys are doing great 🙂

    Likt av 2 personer

      1. With deepest love and affection …… YOU make me so happy, dear Orki! My world is so much brighter with YOU in it! 😀💛☀️😀💛☀️😀💛☀️😀💛☀️😀💛☀️

        Likt av 1 person

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