When you lose someone

Art and words are always mine…

Watching you go

– your hand in mine loses grip

– sliping away

it’s like no other pain

I’m lost without you

I can’t breath

I need you

I miss you

your spirit waving at me

your soul is the brightest I have ever seen

I hope your ghost will hunt me

and wipe away my tears

– hollow

– deep painful grief

my crying shadow is trying to hide

I will never stop sobbing

the memories burn me down to the ravine

stairs to heaven…….wrong side of nirvana…

a rope led down into the dark eternity

I can’t handle this anymore

I know I find you there…

You have an hourglass that you

received as a gift

there are the days that slowly

flow down,

and you can look back to the

Garden of Eden

where it began under the fig trees of life.

I’m sitting here alone, so puzzled

Because nobody knows so well what

that means to miss the one you love and

admire, maybe you must have experienced

this yourself to understand…

Because if tomorrow never comes…

-no one can cry all the tears for me-

I am lost –

did I in every way show him

how much

I love you.

Whatever the circumstances, always tell those you love that you love them …

life is fragile


61 kommentarer om “When you lose someone

  1. Your words are unique, and your feelings are genuine ( i have to write this one). And you’ re absolutely right when you say: «Whatever the circumstances, always tell those you love that you love them …» . Take care.

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      1. Yes, I am very busy, but now I am fine.
        I haven’t mastered following up my blog or anyone else’s blogs as much as I want to…
        I am so happy for your kind support and
        encouraging words. It means so much to me.

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  2. SMiLes my Friend Lillian you Know
    i Just Came By Here Recently to see
    it had been over a Week Since you Posted
    and i was a bit worried about you.. as you do
    regularly post.. and i surely Hope you have not
    Recently Lost Someone You Love as Your Poetry
    Here does bring back Memories
    of How i felt when my Mother
    Took Her Last Breath
    no struggle Thank
    God but no
    The Silence
    Was Deafening for
    Ever at that Point my
    Friend truly realizing that
    Every Breath is such a Precious
    Gift of Life Every Blink a Milestone
    A Land Mark.. Yes.. a Feat Note of Life..
    i watched my Wife’s Mother Die a Real
    Stuggle with Respiratory Disease from a
    Life of Cigarette Smoking.. that Death Lasted
    Years so slowly my Friend.. my Father Just
    Dropped in his Tracks saying to my Cousin
    i don’t think i’m gonna make it gosh that
    man was so calm so relaxed even in
    Law Enforcement for 46 years
    take it as it comes and goes
    Seeing Enough
    allows one
    to truly see
    the Dark and
    Just Appreciate
    We Breathe at all..
    He Was Quiet i supposed
    He Deserved His Silence my
    Friend my Mother No most always
    Full of Soprano Voice of Joy and Smiles
    Beating my Sister in Scrabble just a Few
    Days before She Suddenly passed away
    in Hospice Cancer Care 8 Days as truly that is what made
    the Last Breath Silence then so Deafening the absence
    of Who She Was Joy and LoVE iNcarNaTE my Friend
    All there is for me to do is uphold Her Tradition her
    Religion of Joy my Friend.. And True to Hold A
    Stranger’s Hand iN THeir HouR of DarKNeSS
    For everyone
    my Mother
    Met Most
    Of Her
    Her Smile of Kindness Always… Tree of LiFE STiLL
    This Is The Gift That Love BRings Living And Dying
    The Path The Journey That/Who Branches Out iN LiGHT..:)

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    1. I am so sorry for late answer, but I have some issues with my blog.
      Wow, worries by me? You warm my heart. Thank you so much, you fill my heart with so much joy.
      Well, I miss my dad… and I don’t know if I will get over the grief after his death, some years ago …..but I am working on it every day.
      Thank you.
      I deeply appreciate your words❤️

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  3. That was very beautifully written Lillian! The pain and sorrow vibrate through the words and I know the feeling of losing loved ones. When I was noticing no new posts from you I was beginning to wonder if all was okay. I surely wouldn’t want to lose you, I love your posts and art, and love having you stop by. Too many are giving up blogging these days. Very happy to see a new post from you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!😃😺🌞🌳

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  4. Hi lillian! Im sorry i’m catching up with posts very slow and loved this work. loved the artwork so dark and hauntingly beautiful piece of paint. Hope your book work is going good. Glad you had time to write poems in between. Wonderful poem and emotional. Great work✨👏✍️

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. You don’t have to be sorry, I understand well. I have so much catch up myself, but I never get finished with it. My tine flying away….
      I am always happy to see you and very grateful for your support. It means a lot to me🌹
      My book work going good, thank you.
      I wish you a lovely day.
      Take care.

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  5. Oh Lillian, your poem pierced my heart ….. I remembered my Daddy who went ahead to Heaven, our True Home. ❤️ Although I can still feel the indescribable pain of missing someone …. I hold my Daddy in my heart and I continue to live his legacy of LOVE. I love your poem. It helps us honor those we love who have gone ahead. And in a more profound manner, it reminds us to express our love to those who are with us today. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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    1. I deeply appreciate your lovely comment❤️yes, I miss my dad too❤️I can’t talk about it before I cry…
      You touch my heart and soul with this comment and I am grateful to you❤️
      It is a heartfelting comment and honest from your heart, thank you.
      It means so much to me❤️
      I will always remember this comment❤️

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      1. You are welcome Lillian. All is going well here in central Ohio. My writing slowed in July due to traveling, but August has been a good month. I feel like my poetry and other writing is moving forward. Take care.

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      1. I miss to read your poems, it makes me feel real and a life, i saw some new beautiful drawings❤️ seems a lot happened on your when i was away, a lot to catch up😁 have a wonderful day and have an inspiring one🤗

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      2. Awe, that is quite a compliment, thank you Ilona. I haven’t been good at the blog lately, much to do and yes, there is a bit of change. But it is babysteps….
        spread my words all over France and maybe my book and art will sell there❤️
        More poems are coming soon…
        And art…


      3. When we grow my blog, i will reblog you, this way more people can have a chance to read your meaningful poems and to see your art💚well blogging takes time and we need to do other things in life🧡

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      4. I am sorry, I didn’t see this comment before now. You are right, we have other things to do..
        Wow, seriously⭐️you are to kind my friend. You know I am grateful to you and appreciate you❤️thank you for being you❤️🎶


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