In the glow of a winters frozen moon.

This poem was inspired by a line

«In the glow of a winters frozen moon»

from my good friend https://

and is Mathew who is the author behind this blog.

When I read that line.. my mind and brain went crazy. Words started to spin and squeeze into my writing arm and I just had to let the ink dance over the paper.

I am honored to call you my friend.

Thank you Mathew.


In the glow of a winters frozen moon

In the wilderness night she is trying to

create her own snow angel with hope

she can sparkle togheter with the snow

crystals in the moonlight

tears falls down her cheek finding

their own ways in her skin


her sadness is the gateway to redemption

to know her sadness in silence

she is searching for something she can’t


she is off the deep end

will she awaken the phoenix or

the demons in your soul

in the embers of broken hearts her life

is a shadow of ghosts in darkrising

and she will never shine anywhere

but in the moonlight

she whisper your name gazing at the moon

among with the rustling autumn brown

leavs from last year


in the glow of a winters frozen moon

you are the silhouette of her heart in

every painful moments

until their hearts touch she is just a vibe

you can’t find nowhere else.


37 kommentarer om “In the glow of a winters frozen moon.

  1. i Agree i Used to Live On A Dark Side of A Moon too..
    A View is Grey Scale ANoTHeR Side of A Moon is
    LiterAlly Heaven Within NoW
    Smiles Lillian i just wrote that
    on Facebook picked up my
    Smart Phone Opened
    up the Word Press
    App Reader
    Greeted by
    Your Title and
    Line You Quote
    Here from Your Friend ‘Wolf Boy’…
    «In the glow of a winters frozen moon».. Yes
    The Black Abyss The Grey Scales Opaque
    Windows of Soul Back to the Full Moon of
    Romancing Dance And Song IN light yes
    Coming Back As Thorns Come out and
    FLoWeRS Rise as Rose in Bloom as
    Multi-Colors of Love Spread as far
    as Wings oF LiGHT WiLL TaKE
    US Moving Connecting Co-
    Creating With Others Free
    As True the Feelings
    And Senses of
    Light Spirit
    Again unleashing
    Releasing Quantum
    Metaphor of Left Hemisphere Mind
    of Reason Worry Time Distance and
    Space Seeing all the Details so many
    Dark and Individual Grains of Sands of
    Beach Becomes more the Social Empathic
    Artistic or what some may name as ‘God’ Side
    of the Mind as Chaos MaGiC Colors Full Moon
    Right Hemisphere Mind Much Bigger Picture of LiFE
    oF LiGHT Living
    All Of Life
    to be
    And Gratitude
    SaMe BaLanCinG
    Gravity.. We Move
    Now We Float We
    Fly Light Springs
    We See the Wind
    Once Again we are
    the Full Moon Shining Bright
    for All to See our Wind Thanks
    For Sharing Your Inspiring Lines
    As Well as the inspiring Line of Your
    Friend.. For true the Glow of Moon Will thaw our HeART for ART..:)

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  2. Hey Lillian! Lovely artwork by the way… And is that a man hidden at the end of her hair✨🤔 Beautiful work… ✨👏 When your friend Mathew lit the spark in your brain he also lit the spark of painting… Pensive work ✨👏 Wish you a great Weekend!✨🤗✍️

    Likt av 2 personer

  3. A beautifully written poem Lillian. With some people’s poems the words are from the head, but with yours the words come from the heart and felt with the heart. These words come off the paper (screen) and touch my heart to feel what she feels and to really sense what she is saying and what she is going through. Wonderful poem Lillian! I hope your day is going great!!😃😺🌞🌳💚

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