My collection of poems.

Well, this is my cover of my book.

It will eventually be published in both

English and Norwegian language.

I am so exited, but it will take some time…

But knowing that this dream will

eventually come true is incredible.

I work with this process almost day and

night for a while and have done it too and I

continue to it is published…

I just want you to know…

I love you all folks

Take care.


39 kommentarer om “My collection of poems.

    1. Thank you Mathew. There is still a lot of work left, but knowing that it will be something is a good feeling❤️
      Yes, you are❤️ Your words must be read here in the world, of course I wish for a signed version👏🏻😊
      It is a Norwegian publisher both in paper form and online…
      Maybe I can put it out on Amazon ny myself… I don’t know how that is….
      I wish you a great weekend🌸

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      1. This words… touch my soul… deeply…
        Thank you so much. I don’t have words in English to express myself how I feel right now.
        I know we don’t know each other, and that doesn’t matter, but hey.. we can do something about it… anyway, we are two writing souls with a heart for words❤️
        Thank you.

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    1. Thank you. 
I am in process and I can’t say that much but hope I can get sold to the wonderful and beloved abroad … also signed …. still a long way to go but knowing that it will become reality is delicious.
      Enjoy your day🌸

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