My Black Stallion

When no one can save her

invisible heroes

she takes her Black Stallion with a name

after the dark, shines blue in

the sun’s rays

gallops into the sunset


maybe this time memories

fade into the ocean

dreams are so alive

day’s like a slow train ticking by

all she can hear is your

words haunting her

can’t get the melody out of her mind

she wonder if she is past the

point of rescue

often she hope her life is a fairytale

in a horror movie

she can’t close the door to her heart

she swears she never fall like this again.


30 kommentarer om “My Black Stallion

  1. You draw the images so beautifully that one can imagine them so vividly!
    She’s not past the point of rescue, she’s so strong with her lights and darkness as well ❤️
    Beautiful poem! ❤️

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  2. Every Soul Of Words i Meet my Soul Sings A Beauty of Life…
    A Voice Without Another Soul Ever Speaking a Song to me…
    For Years Words of Poetry A Voice Comes From A Soul Yet Met
    A Voice i Create for Those Who Sing to me in Only Words of Text…
    A Song for them i make
    And True When Words
    Come From my Fingertips
    There is a Melody And a Song…
    That Guides a Shape A Breath
    of What Comes Next.. Our Imaginations
    Will take Us So Far to Healing Places if We
    No Longer Trap Our Soul And Allow Wind to
    Paint Our Worlds Free Dancing Singing Never Ending Now
    to Be A
    Unique Our Soul
    Greater Treasures
    of Life Now Beyond
    Colors of Yesternow..
    Every Word IS A Song
    Spirit of Others Sings From Letters..
    Smiles Lillian Your Poem Reminds me
    of Treasured Voices i’ve Created For Friends
    online i’ve never Heard Speak A Word Never
    Seeing their Lips Actually Curl into A Smile.. True
    How We Exercise our Imagination to Fill and Feel
    Written Souls
    Leave unspoken
    Unfelt as We Co-Create
    So Much of Who We meet
    Without a Moving Face And Breath of Words..
    Interestingly i Do Wonder if i ever actually Meet
    These Friends and Hear An Actual Song of Their
    Soul in Speak to me shall i send other Voices Away Never
    to be
    Smiles.. Perhaps
    i’ll Never Cross those
    Bridges A Bit of Magic
    When A Song of Another Soul
    comes from somewhere deep within Us..
    Smiles Perhaps it is a Voice From Another
    Lifetime Spent with them Magic is Not Knowing for Sure..:)


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