Unwritten destiny.

Inferno in her heart

her sacred black rose

of darkness are being colder

inhaling the scent of her essence

under the moon of shaken sadness

she is dancing with her archangel

our bodies getting drunched in

Angels tears from heaven

make her scream your name

in vain across your black eyes

penetrate her soul

her pain are the echoes of dust

you can hear rattle within

with a wolf heart she has been

thrown out to the pack

fighting for life unwritten destiny

in her chapter of love

the unspoken voice in the soulless

wind changing her shadow

her spirit of the darkened path

perhaps she will return leading

the pack…


9 kommentarer om “Unwritten destiny.

    1. Wow… Speechless… Nathan, I can’t express myself how much this means to me❤️
      from the depths of my heart, I deeply appreciate, thank you.
      I am so glad and grateful for your support, always, you fill my heart with joy.
      I wish you a wonderful day.


  1. The only way we can grow and learn is through pain and through adversity. Yes she will lead the pack if she chooses. Beautifully portrayed and absolutely breathtaking!! Thank you, Lillian! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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